“While the war for talent may ebb and flow with the unemployment rate, the war for top talent is always hot. The irony is that if individuals are given the opportunity to work and live intentionally, organizations just might find they had more top talent all along—they were just tired and a little resentful before.”

[Bree Groff, Senior Advisor, SYPartners]

The above quote by Bree is one of many underlying and thought-provoking themes discussed in this episode.

By way of introduction, Bree Groff is a Senior Advisor with SYPartners in New York. Her important work focuses on transformation, innovation, organizational design, and culture.

In Episode 8, Bree and I engage in a lively discussion of:

  • Why building employee engagement is challenging for many organizations.
  • Positive impacts of thriving hybrid cultures on employee and organizational well-being, engagement, and growth.
  • Bree’s “10 Rules of Work” that can help optimize a broken system.
  • Considerations and strategies for fostering JOY and FUN in the workplace.
  • One practice all teams should do to create a healthier work culture.
  • Opportunities for leaders to amplify employee creativity.

She is also featured in our book via the profile, “Talent Is Yours to Lose in This ‘Great Resignation,’” highlighting takeaways from our first interview, including a team-building activity she mentions in this episode.

As with all our podcast interviews, my discussion with Bree offers tactical insights and actionable strategies for cultivating employee and organizational well-being, performance, and growth.

[Guest Bio] Bree Groff

Bree Groff is a Senior Advisor at the transformation consultancy SYPartners, which for the past 30 years has been working to create organizations and a world of work that are driven by humanity as much as performance. Her work focuses on transformation, innovation, organizational design, and culture. She has worked with companies like Calvin Klein, Target, Microsoft, and Google.

You can learn more about and connect with Bree and SYPartners via:

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