Turning a Vision into Global Reality!

Turning a Vision into Global Reality!

Meet Lisa KELLY

Meet Lisa KELLY

In recent years, there has been an alarming increase in toxic workplaces, stressed out – unhealthy employees, and burnt out executives.  

Longer hours, shorter vacations, fewer breaks, and increased pressure to out-compete and out-perform has culminated in unprecedented burn-out, unhappy, and unproductive employees. The days are few and far in between now where employees enjoy a relaxing lunch break with fellow employees, work an eight-hour day, or leave their work at the office.

Two compelling questions have thus emerged in recent years …

  • How might employees effectively integrate work and life demands to optimize personal well-being, performance, and productivity?
  • How might wellness providers help mitigate stressed, toxic workplaces and in turn, support employee work life-balance and overall well-being?

The answer to these complex questions became clear to me a few years back. In 2013, I envisioned developing an all-inclusive, executive-sponsored, employee-driven program for nurturing vibrant work environments. As a wellness consultant, corporate trainer, visionary, and change agent, I wanted to make a difference a global difference!

To bring my vision to life, I combined my passion for and experience in organizational development, adult training, and wellness coaching to create a first of its kind, experiential and skills-based global workplace wellness training program.

In January, 2015, with the support of our WWCOE Associates, we successfully launched our first online, facilitator-led “Workplace Wellness Ambassador Certification Program.”

Workplace Wellness Ambassador Program


Knowing change has to come from within, our Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence Ambassadors deliver programs that involve employees in the development of wellness solutions which foster personal and corporate growth and success.

Since its inception, our Workplace Wellness Ambassador Program has developed into five global certification programs that, according to recent feedback, are quickly emerging as the “gold standard” for workplace wellness certification training and development.

Developing healthy workplaces… one Ambassador at a time!

DEVELOPING HEALTHY WORKPLACES… one Ambassador at a time!

Our Advisers, Workplace Wellness COE Associates, and Ambassadors bring diverse perspectives to our programs with a shared belief that inclusive and co-created solutions cultivate thriving work cultures and happier, healthier employees.

We’re very proud of our accomplishments thus far and continually strive to give our very best to those we serve!

Here is a snapshot of our collective achievements to date:

  • Development and launch of five global workplace wellness certification programs within five years (2015-2020)
  • Creation of the “Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence” under our parent company, Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc.
  • Launch of our “Executive Wellness Leadership Program” and associated EWLP Internship for WWCOE Master Ambassadors (January, 2020)
  • Creation of “Executive Wellness Coaching Program” for c-suite and senior leadership teams.
  • Certification of over 115 Ambassadors and Master Ambassadors … internal/external “Change Agents” who are leading the way in cultivating vibrant work cultures around the world.
  • WWCOE Certified Program Ambassadors in over twelve countries/global regions including Canada, United States, Hong Kong, Nigeria, England, Hungary, Netherlands, Australia, Dubai, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Egypt.
  • Virtual workplace wellness programs facilitated by our WWCOE and our Certified Ambassadors that have helped unite and develop remote employees and dispersed teams.
  • Development of Ambassador onsite/virtual facilitation and project leadership skills through highly interactive group certification projects.
  • Innovative and cost-effective workplace wellness solutions, such as our program project database of Lunch and Learns and Wellness Campaigns.
  • Co-creation of a “Focus on Healthy Eating Program” by a team of 20+ international health coaches – a 6 or 12-week mindful eating program that is transforming the lives of employees/clients across the globe.
  • “Employees in Motion” Global Movement Campaign led by our Ambassadors that is mobilizing and recognizing employers’ efforts in developing healthy employees/workplaces.
  • Global strategic partnership with Stressmaster International to help employees and leaders “master stress for success”.
  • An international network of workplace wellness professionals providing ongoing collaboration and support for employers and Ambassadors.

Several years later, I can proudly say my vision has become a reality!

Several years later, I can proudly say MY VISION HAS BECOME A REALITY!

When I started out in 2013, I had high hopes and aspirations. My ultimate aim was to help organizations experience the connection between happy, healthy employees and a happy, healthy bottom line. Our program results are proving just that!

As a double bonus, I am blessed with amazing clients and colleagues, as well as a beyond supportive family who has been with me through successes as well as challenges in this incredible journey so far. Who could ask for more? The icing on the cake is that we have now become a family affair with my husband Peter involved as our Senior Program Advisor and Safety Adviser/Trainer/Program Consultant and my talented daughter as a graphics/media consultant. Life is good!!

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