Global Leaders in Organizational Effectiveness

Global Leaders in Organizational Effectiveness

Our “Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence” TEAM

Our “Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence” TEAM

The “Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence” (WWCOE) is a registered division of Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc.  Through its international, multi-disciplinary team of Advisors, Trainers, Associates, and Ambassadors our WWCOE is committed to the development of healthy employees, vibrant work cultures, and high-performing organizations.

As a training and consultancy organization with over 40 years combined experience in workplace wellness and organizational effectiveness, our WWCOE and its Advisors, Trainers and Associates are uniquely positioned to offer strategic, client-focused programs and solutions that create results.

WWCOE Advisors, Trainers and Associates are highly trained, qualified professionals with undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as certifications in workplace wellness, culture development, employee wellness coaching, ergonomics and occupational safety, work-life and stress management, business/accounting, nutrition and fitness, organizational psychology, social work, performance coaching, adult education, workplace learning, and instructional design.

Corporate Wellness Change Agents

  • Subject-matter experts in:
    • employee health and wellness
    • workplace wellness and safety
    • organizational effectiveness
    • culture development
  • Innovative, client-focused, and forward-thinking consultants
  • Workplace wellness developers and trainers of results-oriented programs and services
  • Accomplished authors and presenters of workplace wellness and performance-driven solutions

Senior Program

Senior Program ADVISORS

Peter Kelly, Registered Power Engineer/Safety Adviser

Peter Kelly is a Registered 3rd Class Power Engineer with 28 years progressive experience in Oil and Gas, Cogen operations (Steam & Electrical ), Pulp and Paper, and Electronics Communications. He is currently employed with Royal Dutch Shell (Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta) as a Process and Panel Operator. He brings to Workplace Wellness COE Inc., diverse skill sets and achievements from past and current employment positions as a Field Operator, Panel Operator, Safety Focal and Liaison, and Acting Supervisor. He has also completed a “Certificate in Occupational Health And Safety” with Distinction from the University of Alberta. 

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As a Power Engineer with Syncrude Canada Ltd., he performed various roles from process and control panel operations to serving on the Safe Operating Committee (SOC). His safety training and experience included Safety Liaison in plant outages; implementation of safety measures to protect both employees and plant operations; and development of training manuals for various field posts with safety being the highest priority.

In his current employment with Royal Dutch Shell, he has served as an Operations STEP Focal (‘Safety Through Employee Participation’) with Shell’s Safety Department during outages. This role was most rewarding as it was highly interactive with field operators and involved observation, identification, and feedback to employees of both safe and unsafe work practices.

Peter also served as an employee representative with Shell’s ‘Operations IG’ Committee and was responsible for liaisons with management of Operator concerns involving work practices, safety, workplace ergonomics, etc. As a member of this committee, he was involved in the research and procurement of ergonomic friendly chairs and equipment among other responsibilities.

As a Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence (Workplace Wellness COE) Associate, Peter serves as a Safety Adviser in the development/delivery of Workplace Wellness COE’s ‘Intro to Safety and Ergonomics’ Module of their Workplace Wellness Ambassador Certification Programs among other safety-related advisory roles and services.

Peter is currently pursuing an Occupational Health and Safety Certificate with the University of Alberta to complement his professional training and development in industrial health and safety.

Peter holds firm that ‘Safety Begins with Each of Us’ and with his ‘safety first’ mindset and work habits, has never been involved in a worksite accident or a loss time incident.

You may contact Peter via

William McPeck, M.S.W.

Bill McPeck is a solution-matter expert with a focus on employee health and well-being. Employee well-being is quickly emerging as an umbrella under which the silos of multiple employee-related benefits and programs are being integrated. Bill brings to Workplace Wellness COE Inc., employee well-being training and experience in management, program administration, HR and benefits, employee safety, employee wellness, mental health and work-life excellence. Bill is known for developing forward-thinking training programs, thought leadership blogs, bylines, whitepapers and articles on well-being, total-worker health and integrative health improvement.

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Bill currently works as an independent consultant, trainer and coach. He previously served as Information Integration Manager for Viridian Health Management and as Director of Employee Health and Safety with Maine State Government, where he focused on employee wellness, employee safety, employee drug and alcohol testing and the state’s employee assistance program (EAP).

Originally trained in social work, he has also completed several health and wellness-related coach training programs. Bill holds several national certifications in worksite wellness, including certification as a worksite wellness program consultant. In addition, he is certified as a work-life professional, holistic stress management trainer and as a wellness culture coach.

Bill has experience working with large and small employers in both the public and private sectors. He has also authored and co-authored a number of articles published in both professional and trade publications and a book chapter.

Bill earned his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, and his Master of Social Work from the Boston College Graduate School of Social Work in Boston, Mass.

William McPeck
PO Box 137
Saint Albans, ME 04971

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Joel Hershfield, CMA

Joel Hershfield, CMA, has been Manager of Finance and Technology for a provincial special operating agency, Materials Distribution Agency (MDA), since 2002. Prior to that, from 1997 to 2002, he was Director of Finance for the Provincial Department of Justice.

Joel’s first foray into wellness was in 1996, when he wrote an article titled ‘Wellness in the Department of Justice’. His next wellness activity came during his time as volunteer treasurer for the Manitoba Chapter of the Hemophilia Society, when he proposed and then co-organized a medical convention in Winnipeg in 1997 regarding hemophilia.

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In the winter of 2005, he spearheaded the creation of wellness activities at MDA. As one of its first activities, MDA’s wellness committee launched a wellness fair for MDA and its adult family members in 2007. The now-annual fairs feature a variety of speakers as well as wildly successful bootcamp and Wii game activities. The fair is one of many exciting programs and activities that MDA’s wellness committee has organized. MDA has been the provincial government leader in workplace wellness since 2005 and is considered an extremely innovative workplace in terms of wellness. Joel is MDA’s liaison with the World Economic Forum’s workplace wellness committee and he has provided information to that group.

Joel’s activities have led to an association with the Minister of Healthy Living of Manitoba where he provides advice and guidance on workplace wellness issues. Joel is considered an authoritative resource on healthy workplaces, and he is sought out by other government departments that are in the initial stages of implementing wellness programs of their own.

Stemming from his research and his own observations and experience over 25 years in the provincial government, Joel has created highly successful presentations on creating healthy workplaces. He has given presentations to IPAC Manitoba Chapter, CMA Manitoba, several offices within the Province of Manitoba and a national Health Work & Wellness Conference.

Joel is a member of the Manitoba Workplace Wellness Alliance, which has membership from government, Crown Corporations and large private employers. Joel has published articles in a leading US corporate health magazine and has recently been featured in a health promotion magazine in the United States. In 2009, he was nominated for a provincial wellness award. He was part of a team that won a provincial service excellence award in 2013.

As a continuing education instructor in accounting at the post secondary level, he has incorporated a physical activity unit into each of his classes, one of the first such endeavours in any adult education class in the province.

MDA’s wellness success is due to Joel’s vision, his passion and his willingness to include anything that sounds fun in staff wellness activities.

Joel Hershfield, CMA
Manager of Finance, IT & Healthy Workplace Advisor
Winnipeg MB

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Kat Maeda, CHHC, CWWA

Kat Maeda is a Certified Integrative Nutrition and Holistic Health Coach, as well as a Certified Workplace Wellness Ambassador. She received her certification as a health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is a member of both the American Association of Wellness Practitioners and the Holistic Chamber of Commerce. Passionate about a holistic approach to wellness, nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle, Kat’s individualized, group and private coaching programs are a collaborative approach that supports each client’s biological individuality.

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Kat’s expertise in detoxification and Ayurveda are woven into her programs. And, whether coaching in-person, on-line or over the phone, Kat effectively creates a safe, supportive environment to empower her clients to take charge of their health, address fatigue, digestive issues and weight management so they can live full, vibrant, active, sexy, and happy lives… and be healthy by design!

Kat has also 20 years’ experience in corporate America, mostly in the healthcare industry. She graduated with honors with a BA in English from CSU Fullerton. A mother of two and grandmother of a 7 year old, Kat lives in south Orange County with her husband Duane.

Advisers & Associates


James Petersen, Ph.D.

James Petersen, Ph.D. is founder and CEO of Stressmaster International, a global and leading force in helping companies and organizations to reduce workplace stress and build employee stress resilience. Dr. Jim is an expert on stress mastery and is the author of the internationally recognized Stress Management Questionnaire and Stressmastery Guide to Stress Resiliency. These tools are now in use by companies like DeBeers (South Africa), Banamex (Mexico), JPMorgan Chase and KPMG (USA) and many other companies around the world.

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His methods have help to improve employee performance by keeping stress at optimal levels and by recognizing that excellence is achieved not by stressed-out people but by those whose stress is at functioning at optimal levels. Jim’s passion is to help the world to be a less stressed place in which to live and work and to build strong, personal resilience to any stressor no matter where or when it may occur.

Stressmaster delivers its message through a cadre of passionate professionals, called Stressmaster Associates, in 15 countries around the world.

John Toomey, BPhEd

John Toomey is one of Australia’s leading Health Educators. Holding a Degree in Physical Education, John has worked in a number of diverse areas involving Health, Fitness and Sport. Since 1982, he has served either as a Conditioning Coach or Nutritionist to seven different AFL Clubs. He has also worked with a variety of other Professional Sports Clubs in Leadership and Culture Development.

In the early 80’s he was one of the pioneers of Fitness Industry training courses and in 2001 published a fully accredited course in Wellness Leadership.

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As a professional speaker and trainer, John has presented over 2000 seminars in the corporate arena in Australia, New Zealand, the US and South East Asia. He has published over 300 articles, the most including publications in two issues of Wellbeing Magazine in 2012. He has also been published in Australian Newspapers writing on cultural issues in professional sports.

John has also worked extensively as a Health and Wellness Commentator in Australian radio on stations like 774 ABC Melbourne, 3AW and 2GB.

Since 2005, John has added teaching a Self-Development Course to his workload. The course, a personal exploration into human consciousness, is presented in 76 countries and John delivers courses with a team in Australia, New Zealand and the US.

From an Academic standpoint, John has lectured in Physical Education at Victoria University and taught Wellness in Monash University’s school of medicine. Since 2012, he has been a member of the Course Advisory Board at RMIT University’s School of Health Sciences.

John presents with humor and conviction. His easy style allows attendees to gain a clear understanding of sometimes complex health issues, and leave with a wealth of understanding, strategies and easy to use tools.

John Toomey
Workplace Wellness
Fatigue Prevention
Mental Health Education


Pamela Dempster, BScOT(c), CMWA, CCPE

Pamela Dempster is a Board Certified Ergonomist, Corporate Health & Wellness Specialist, licensed Occupational Therapist and founder of Pamela Dempster OT(c) Corporate Wellness & Ergonomic Consulting. With over 20 years practicing and specializing in the fields of Health, Wellness and Ergonomics/Human Factors, she provides comprehensive Corporate consulting services including assessment, education/training and Program Development. She also hold  Baccalaureate degrees in Psychology and Occupational Therapy

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As a speaker/presenter at Health, Wellness and Safety Conferences, she truly enjoys educating and promoting the global movement of Wellness and Wellbeing whenever possible.

She is a member of the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT) , College of Occupational Therapists of Nova Scotia (COTNS) and the Association of Canadian Ergonomists (ACE) and is a Certified Canadian Red Cross Instructor.

She is truly passionate about health and wellness and its effects on workplace culture as well as working collaboratively with employers and employees through change processes needed to make workplace environments and Corporate culture safe and more productive.

Pamela Dempster, BA, BScOT(c)
Corporate Wellness & Ergonomic Consulting Services

Sherri Mraz

Sherri Mraz is the owner and founder of the Wellness Cooking Academy, and the Cookin’ Yogi. Sherri is an Author, Health Counselor, Certified through Columbia Teachers College, Certified Workplace Wellness Associate, Certified 500 hour yoga instructor, a former mentor for the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Certified in Reiki and winner of a “Best Plate” award. Sherri has been in the wellness field for over 15 years. Her passion is educating coaches how to use healthy cooking classes to grow their businesses, using done-for-you templates and a 12 step business roadmap which includes creating your first book. Her motto is, “Healthy begins in the Kitchen”.

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