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Cultivating Healthy and Vibrant Workplaces

Introducing “Cultivating Healthy
& Vibrant Workplaces”

Discover how to cultivate healthy and vibrant workplaces based on the real-world experiences, best practices, and perspectives of over 50 Workplace Wellness leaders and influencers across the globe.

Cultivating Healthy and Vibrant Workplaces will be one of the most transformational, culture-enhancing books of our time. One that will forever influence and amplify the landscape and direction of WORKPLACE WELLNESS as we know it!

Our comprehensive, multi-faceted, 444-page book explores:

  • Progressive approaches for nurturing healthy and vibrant work cultures in today’s dynamic environment.
  • Fundamentals of inclusive, multi-dimensional, and employee-centric wellness programs.

PART 1 presents innovative solutions and implementable tools for leading and fostering ‘cultures of well-being’ in onsite and virtual work environments.

PART 2 features best practices, blueprints, and tools for designing, implementing, and evaluating holistic wellness programs to empower Workplace Wellness and HR professionals, managers, and Wellness Champions with well-being strategies that drive performance, growth, and success. 

 “When you nurture the well-being of your people, you help cultivate high-performing teams and a vibrant work culture. This promotes thriving and growth-oriented employees, optimizes organizational performance, and is great for business, period.”

This tactical, resource-rich book will be of particular interest to…

Senior leaders & managers…

seeking insights and strategies to cultivate healthy, thriving, high-performing work cultures.

workplace wellness & hr professionals…

interested in exploring new horizons in organizational well-being, holistic wellness offerings, and case studies to advance the Workplace Wellness outcomes of their organization or client organizations.

Wellness professionals & Business consultants…

with a curiosity about or passion for organizational well-being and seeking opportunities and strategies to develop and advance themselves as Workplace Wellness advocates and/or professionals.

Wellness champions & others…

interested in developing or establishing themselves as a Wellness Champion for personal growth and career advancement and to help foster a healthier, employee-centric work culture for their organization.


Hear what our raving fans are saying about our book!

This is the MUST-HAVE book that should be on the desk of every business leader in every industry! Whether just thinking about getting started or on your way to complete transformation, this body of work offers it all. Insightful statistics, quotes, stories, strategies, tips, and tools address the most current and pressing issues that workplaces everywhere are dealing with in 2023. If you seek support in nurturing fulfillment and cultivating what is truly meant by health and vibrancy in the workplace, this is what you need. Engagement, well-being, DEI & Belonging, leadership, connection, and revitalization; if you’re not yet on top of your game in all of these areas (and more), you risk failing to address the needs of today’s workforce. So, what to do? Get this book, for starters…. you’ll be glad you did! Congratulations, Lisa and Peter, on this fantastic accomplishment!

‒  Gerry Parker, Senior Manager, Human Resources

“Cultivating Healthy & Vibrant Workplaces” provides a wealth of advanced employee wellness strategies and best practices gathered through insightful interviews with global workplace wellness leaders and practitioners.  From entrenching wellness into the organizational landscape to embracing NIOSH’s Total Worker Health fundamentals, this manual provides over 400 pages of actionable blueprints, wellness offerings, and “lessons learned” to help companies, their employees, and families. I highly recommend this book to anyone focused on workplace health, vitality, and safety. The “story behind the stories” will help HR, Benefits, Wellness & Safety Leaders connect the dots, take responsibility, and demonstrate progress toward a workplace wellness strategy and goal.

‒  Charlie Estey, Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, Asset Health; Past President, International Association for Worksite Health Promotion (IAWHP)

“Congratulations, Lisa, you have been at the forefront of health and well-being engagement and systems long before many and certainly before this post/next phase Covid environment. The consumer and public response to your book is a validation of your leadership and experience in this important agenda.”

John Orr, Executive Vice President, Operations at Kansas City Southern

“This is a must-have resource for leaders and professionals responsible for supporting the health and well-being of their employees and clients. Also, for those in charge of building thriving, happy, and healthy organizations. Global best practices and innovative solutions presented in the book will inspire you and equip you with the knowledge to design, implement, and evaluate successful holistic employee well-being programs. I highly recommend that you get your copy – your employees and clients will be grateful for your well-being programs delivered with the help of this tactical resource!”

Helga Gonda, Workplace Wellness Consultant

“Lisa is an amazing teacher and mentor! Her certification programs through the Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence are top-rate. Now anyone can learn from her through her new book. I recommend that you add it to your personal and professional library.”

‒ Ellen Weiss, Workplace Wellness Consultant

“A diverse collection of organizations and passionate wellness program planners and strategists. This book is for you if you are new or tasked to start or further develop your organization’s wellness program! A global perspective where we are stronger together. Pick up a copy today and buy one for your leader and your greatest asset, your people. They will thank you.” 

Philippa Dawood, Workplace Wellness Specialist, Scarborough Health Network

“Burnout has become too widespread. It is fully preventable. The profiled interview in this book, “Maybe Burnout’s NOT a Given: You CAN Foster Mental Wellness in the Workplace,” shares light on preventing it. It also points out the need for a more proactive approach to mental wellness at work.”

 Kaur Lass, Managing Director, Wellness Orbit

Interview With Peter Kelly (My Husband): Our Book-Writing Journey

About the Authors

Lisa Kelly, President and Founder of Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc. and the Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence has been cultivating healthy changes within workplaces and with personal clients for over 20 years. Through her online, fully facilitated certification/training programs, consulting, and corporate solutions, Lisa’s mission is to create an innovative and collaborative landscape for global workplace wellness that fosters employee-driven, results-oriented wellness solutions benefiting employers, employees, and communities at large.

Peter Kelly has over 30 years of progressive experience in Oil and Gas, Cogen operations (Steam & Electrical), Pulp and Paper, and Electronics Communications. He is currently employed as a Supervisor with Royal Dutch Shell in Alberta. As an Adviser to the Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence, he brings diverse skill sets, perspectives, and achievements from past and current employment positions including Field Operator, Panel Operator, Safety Focal and Liaison, and Supervisor. He has also completed a Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety with Distinction from the University of Alberta.

Peter Kelly and Lisa Kelly