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“Into the Unknown”

There’s no existing playbook to get us through this pandemic.
And so, we decided to use this opportunity to co-create a way forward.

… Working Together!

Here’s How

  Lisa Kelly of the Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence and Phil Bohlender of Seed and Lead, have created an instructive, guiding, interactive recovery course to help build the skills, knowledge, and tools YOU NEED to strategically lead your organization (or client organizations) and employees in the days and months ahead.

By journeying with us through our FOUR PILLARS featured below, you will learn how to become a strategic “COVID-19 Transitional Leader,” and acquire a plethora of implementable tools to effectively serve and support your organization(s) with wisdom, courage, and optimism.


The “COVID-19 Transitional Leader” Recovery Course is especially designed for …

Corporate leaders – seeking strategies, tools and peer support in how to strategically lead and transition their organization and employees through this pandemic and beyond.

Health Coaches and Workplace Wellness Professionals – interested in acquiring insights, strategies and tools relating to organizational/ employee wellness challenges and needs arising from this pandemic in order to develop responsive and growth-oriented Workplace Wellness solutions.

Executive Coaches and business consultants – looking to acquire COVID-19 responsive skills, strategies, and tools for coaching senior leaders in how to strategically transition their organization and employees through this pandemic.

HR Professionals – interested in acquiring HR strategies, checklists and peer support in how to transition, support and develop their employees in this pandemic, particularly in virtual/hybrid work environments.

Occupational Health & Safety Professionals – seeking updates and guidance in pandemic recovery strategies, OHS checklists/tools and peer support to effectively advise and guide their organization(s) and ensure the safety of employees.

What they’re saying…

“I have been very impressed with Lisa’s engagement in transitional leadership principles and helping us all learn how to rise above where we are and improve Leadership Development even in the midst of COVID. Lisa’s forward thinking and engagement approaches will help us all rise to a higher level of caring for our employees and helping to develop business leaders so their best can become even better. I really appreciate her desire to engage with others and the timeliness of response”. 

Mary Jo (Meador) Press, MS, GSP, SMCP, MESH, CFPS
Tesla Senior Staff EHS Program Manager, Global Safety Center of Excellence


The tools and resources are incredible! These tools are a great way to help HR/operations/small business ownders understand just how valuable a consultant/coach can be to help them see through a new lens while leading in an ever-changing world.”

Kim Goeltom, Wellness Professional, Creating Legacy Wellness

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Through our innovative, skill-building course, you will acquire the critical insights, strategies, and tools needed to effectively lead and support your organization or client organizations in these dynamic times.

In becoming a “COVID-19 Transitional Leader”, you will…


Develop the skills needed to strategically transition your organization (or client organizations) and employees through this COVID-19 pandemic.


Discover strategies and access implementable COVID-19 transitional tools for leading in this VUCA environment (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous).


Acquire insights and implementable “change management” toolkits for cultivating hybrid work environments (i.e. blended worksite and remote working arrangements).


Identify and discuss critical COVID-19 logistics and receive 15 comprehensive transitional checklists for safely returning employees to worksites AND supporting remote workers including COVID-19 risk mitigation, business transformation & change management, HR and leadership guidelines.    


Develop skills and acquire tools for cultivating thriving work cultures in uncertain times.


Discover virtual workplace wellness solutions and access implementable resources for fostering employee physical and emotional well-being.


Acquire resources for creating Virtual Workplace Wellness Buddy Programs. 


Learn alongside other corporate leaders, consultants and wellness professionals through real-time, interactive discussions.

We may only get one chance to get this right.
It will take a village… are you in?

Yes? Great!

Enhance your skills and resume as a

“COVID-19 Transitional Leader”

Pandemic-sensitive Fee:
$497 USD

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Here’s what our communities are saying…

“Entrepreneurship is at the core of the COVID-19 Transitional Leader Recovery Course. Lisa Kelly and Phil Bohlender curate organizational excitation for effective business resumption in the post C-19 ambiguity. This offering will be of immense value to leaders in optimizing employee wellbeing, customer service reliability, and public safety while manifesting other benefits such as reputation and profitability.”

John F. Orr, Senior Operations Executive, Railroading and Transportation Ecosystems

“Phil and I worked together in leadership roles for two major health plan customer service organizations. His contributions helped to develop a high performance employee team that successfully serviced millions of customer contacts. What I appreciate most about Phil is that success emerges from his core commitment to enthusiastically lead.”

Pam Jamian, Regional Vice President Retired

“Phil is one of the most authentic, passionate, knowledgeable leaders I have had the pleasure of knowing. He has decades of knowledge and experience leading the corporate world.”

DeAnne Joy, Transformation Coach and Speaker

“Lisa and Phil are very intelligent about putting together relevant curriculum and interactive experiences for learning and development. They have an accurate pulse on what leaders can do to get ahead right now.”

Ryan Wolf, Physical Well-being Lead, Gallup

“The COVID-19 Transitional Leader Recovery Course is a must-do experience. I participated in the Pilot workshop and found it enriching and helpful. There are many people selling advice on the web, but what Lisa and Phil have created is unique in that the fundamental intention driving their course is “care”. At a time like this, care is fundamental to human survival. Lisa has a big heart and her work reflects this. This course will support and empower you and your organization to move forward with care and purpose.”

John Toomey, CEO, Wide Awake Wellness

“Lisa Kelly’s Workplace Wellness Leadership Certification Programs are activating ‘agents of change’ around the world.”

Laura Putnam, CEO, Motion Infusion & Author of Workplace Wellness That Works

Get all your questions answered!


Who is this course for?

This course is designed for those charged with leading or advising organizations including: c-suite, middle managers, front-line supervisors; HR Directors, Workplace Wellness and OHS professionals; corporate consultants, etc.


How is it delivered?

This offering is both a self-paced and group interactive course delivered via Ruzuku, an interactive e-learning platform used for all WWCOE online courses and certification programs.


What training resources are provided?

As a participant, you will receive an intro video, digital modules and corresponding handouts, checklists and other implementable resources corresponding to each of the four pillars.


Will I get to interact with facilitators and other participants?

Yes! Through the Ruzuku e-learning platform, participants will get to engage in highly dynamic discussions with course facilitators and other corporate leaders. We’ll explore and co-create solutions for strategically leading your organization or client organizations in the months to come.


When do I receive access to the course and how long does it take to complete?

Resource links will be sent to your inbox over a 12-day period upon course registration/commencement. Participants will be able to review past comments from the facilitators and participants, as well as post their own questions and comments as they work through the Pillars.

Plus, it gets even better… Registrants completing course requirements within 8 weeks of registration will qualify for the COVID-19 Transitional Leader designation and badge, receive a brandable social media promotional post and a WWCOE LinkedIn recommendation and be able to officially represent and market themselves as a COVID-19 Transitional Leader.

[Disclaimer: We are most confident you will immensely enjoy and benefit from this course, however, please carefully review the course details prior to purchasing as there are no refunds issued once the course is purchased.]

Additional questions?

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Lisa Kelly

Lisa Kelly, President

Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence

Lisa Kelly

Phil Bohlender, President

Seed and Lead

Lisa Kelly

Lisa Kelly, President

Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence

Lisa Kelly

Phil Bohlender, President

Seed and Lead

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