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Certificate Course

September 23, 2024


Champion well-being from the top as an
Executive Wellness Coach!

Executive Well-being: An Imperative for Organizational Growth and Success!

When executives thrive, so does the organization.

Leader well-being is not just a matter of personal health but a critical strategic business decision: a cornerstone of organizational health and sustainability.

By prioritizing and nurturing leadership’s health and well-being:


organizations mitigate health and wellness risks, exorbitant benefit costs, and low-level performance


senior leaders and managers are more apt to lead with clarity, focus, resilience, and “Visible Permission”


conveys a strong message to employees that self-care is an organizational value


employees become inspired, engaged, and empowered to prioritize their well-being and perform at their best

How do organizations actualize these imperatives?

By contracting or training skilled Executive Wellness Coaches – vital change agents and mobilizers of resilient, innovative, and high-performance leaders.

A specialized, first-of-its-kind, career-enhancing Executive Coach Certificate Course!

Who is this course for?

Professionals Passionate About Fostering Leader Well-being and High Performance


Health and Wellness professionals


Executive Coaches


HR, Organizational Development, and DEIB professionals


Occupational Health & Safety Professionals


Occupational Health & Safety Nurses


Frontline supervisors, managers, and other corporate leaders


Organizations Committed to Nurturing
“Well-being First,” High-Performance Cultures

This course is ideal for the professional training and development (or advancement) of internal Executive Coaches/Executive Wellness Coaches/programs to optimize employee, leader, and executive well-being.

ROI of Executive Wellness Coaching


A third of all Fortune 500 companies utilize executive coaching.


[Study] Between 500% and 700% commonly reported as a ROI for executive coaching.


Improved executive productivity (reported by 53% of executives).


Improvements in organizational strengths (48%).


Gains in customer service (39%).


Increased retention of executives (32%).


Enhanced direct report/supervisor relationships (>70%).


Improved teamwork (67%).


Improved peer-to-peer working relationships (63%).


Greater job satisfaction (52%). [1,2]

EWC Course Benefits & Opportunities




 Ignite your career and differentiate yourself as an “Executive Wellness Coach”

1. Holistic Executive Coaching

Acquire coaching skills in physical and mental health practices for enhanced performance of senior leaders.

2. Niched Coaching - Service Diversification

Build a Stand-Out Brand: Increase relevance in a competitive coaching market.

3. Lucrative income opportunities

Diversify and grow via specialized wellness workshops, retreats, and programs for leaders.

4. Enhanced Client Outcomes

Amplify leader focus, clarity, decision-making, work fulfillment, and performance.

5. Long-Term Client Relationships

Deepen relationships and commitment of clients/organizations for future consulting/coaching opportunities.

6. Professional Development

Acquire new insights, skills, and toolkits to optimize leader well-being and lifestyle management.

7. Enhanced Coaching Reputation and Credibility

Develop multiple skill sets for enhanced referrals and a broader client base.

8. Personal Fulfillment & Wellness Enhancement

EWC graduates often elevate their own well-being, quality of life, work satisfaction, and performance.

Executive Wellness Coaching Insights & Skill-Building


Principles, practices, and nuances of client-centric Executive Wellness Coaching.


Professional coaching ethics and guidelines.


WWCOE “Four Pillars of Executive Well-being”: Mindful Eating, Stress Mastery, Sleep Mastery, and Healthy Habits (i.e. including movement, Digital Detox, body scanning, etc.).


“Focus on Healthy Eating” Program: Includes FOHE facilitator training plus a 3–or 6-month DFY mindful eating–mindful living program (for executives and others–learn more here).


Insights for leveraging executive well-being for “Well-being 1st Cultures” (WWCOE).


Fostering “Executive Wellness Champions” and sponsors for healthy, vibrant organizations. Strategies for coaching leaders in “Walking the Talk” and demonstrating “Visible Permission.”


Mitigating & Addressing Executive Burnout: The NEW Pandemic (learn more here).


Stress Mastery and resilience techniques for today’s executives.


Co-creating client-centric wellness strategies for high performance.


Designing and facilitating 1:1 wellness coaching and group programs for leaders.


Coaching leaders on how to support the well-being of “their” people. [Enrollment Option 2]


Designing, proposing, and acquiring Executive Wellness Coaching contracts. [Enrollment Option 2] 

Interactive, Experiential, Facilitator-led Learning in a Highly Supportive Environment


Expert-Led Curriculum

Learn from industry leaders and experienced wellness coaches via real-world insights and strategies.


Flexible Learning Environment

Dynamic, highly interactive learning portal; study at your own pace while learning with others.


Comprehensive Approach

Best practices for wellness coaching tailored to the needs of high-level professionals.


Interactive Learning Experience

Live webinars, peer discussion forums, practice coaching sessions/assignments within a supportive environment.


EWC Certificate & Crest

Open doors with an “Executive Wellness Coach” Certificate and crest; launch into the next phase of your career with highly marketable skills and confidence.

 EWC Course Format & Requirements


12 weeks of facilitated, interactive online training (module/CHVW book study and discussion posts + coaching assignments)*


6 skill-building webinars (2 hours each; includes presentations, group-based discussions/practice coaching sessions; minimum participation in 4 of 6 webinars with up to two summary reports for missed webinars)


8 coaching sessions [i.e., with personal clients, leaders/executives from personal networks, etc.]


“Leader Turned Coach” Course [Option 2 – “EWC Business Accelerator” Components- view LTC course here]

* CHVW book purchased separately.

Additional course info is provided in group information sessions and 1:1 discovery consults via prompt below.

Approximate CEC credit training hours, including practice coaching sessions:


[Option 1]

76 hours 


[Option 2]

86 hours 

Executive Wellness Coach crest

Course Dates & Fees

Course Dates:
September 23 – December 14, 2024



Saturday, September 28, 11AM – 1PM EST


Wednesday, October 16, 7 – 9PM EST


Saturday, October 26, 11AM – 1PM EST


Wednesday, November 6, 7 – 9PM


Saturday, November 23, 11AM – 1PM EST


Wednesday, December 11, 7 – 9 PM EST

Choose from Two Registration Options

  [Time sensitive opportunity… Enrollment limited to 20 registrants!]

Early Bird Bonus!

Register by September 6, 2024 and become a…

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[option 1]

“Executive Wellness Coach” Certificate Course


$3497 USD/Int. OR
$3497 CAD + tax


[option 2]

“Executive Wellness Coach” Certificate Course + ‘EWC Business Accelerator’ Components


“Leader Turned Coach” Course: 7-hour (2 half-days) workshop-style course with certificate – acquire skills and toolkits for nurturing coaching skills in supervisors/managers – offered post-EWC Course.


EWC Program + Facilitator Toolkit: 6-month, completely done-for-you Executive Wellness Coaching Program.


EWC Marketing & Launch Toolkit: EWC Program pitch deck to promote to clients/organizations, sample EWC program proposal, budget and contract templates, Relationship Nurturing Funnel messages, marketing and promotional toolkits, LinkedIn marketing tips, and more.


$4997 USD/Int. OR
$4997 CAD + tax


[6 month payment plans available for options 1 and 2]

Enrollment Process


[Step 1]

Interested candidates are encouraged to sign up for EWC Course Interest List (see below) to be notified of upcoming courses/Information Sessions.


[Step 2]

Participate in an EWC Information Session and/or 1:1 Discovery Consult.


[Step 3]

Qualified candidates are notified of couse acceptance within a few days of a consult.


[Step 4]

Register for one of the two EWC course options (i.e., via emailed links for deposit, single payment, or payment plan).

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Hear from WWCOE Course Graduates & Clients

“The “Executive Wellness Coach” Certificate Course was an insightful, hands-on experience that helped hone my coaching skills for the C-suite leaders I work with. It’s a specific style of health coaching that helps my clients achieve their personal health goals and role model wellness habits for their employees.

Following this course, I was contracted by the Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence to help co-create and co-facilitate a 6-month Executive Wellness Contract for 8 hospital executives. Leveraging the course’s training, skills, and toolkits, I help leaders embrace wellness as a strategic priority, nurturing healthier employees and high-performance work cultures.”

Melody Byblow, RHNTM, CMWA, CEWC
“Executive Wellness Coach” Course Graduate/
WWCOE Faculty

“The FOHE Program (included in the “Executive Wellness Coach” Certificate Course) is a comprehensive program that allows participants to look at food and eating in a new way and begin to change their relationship with food.

One person I coached was able to reverse her type 2 diabetes with this life-enhancing program.”

Sabrina Gonder, CHHC, CMWA
“Focus on Healthy Eating Program” Facilitator  

“DFY Resources & Presentations in one platform! The “Focus on Healthy Eating” Program is very well put together.

As a wellness professional, working with the Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence and becoming a Facilitator for the “Focus on Healthy Eating” Program is awesome. Having access to professional-looking materials and done-for-you presentations in one organized platform takes so much of the behind-the-scenes work out of bringing a professional program to corporate clients.”

Liz Jones, MAOL, CPT, RYT, Nutritional Therapist, CMWA
“Focus on Healthy Eating Program” Facilitator

“The “Executive Wellness Coach” Certificate Course I took with the Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence was valuable, truly practical, and hands-on.

It gave me real-life experience in executive coaching and the needs and restrictions specific to time-poor executives. The course offered a framework to maximize focus and move the coachee to practical action steps. With a newfound confidence, I can offer executive coaching as part of my workplace well-being offerings. I have done workshops with leadership teams and attracted interest from legal firms.”

Jane Dyer, CMWA, CEWC
“Executive Wellness Coach” Course Graduate

“I was fortunate to have the opportunity to train with the WWCOE to become an Executive Wellness Coach.

Having completed several other Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence courses, I knew that Lisa delivers high-quality content, and the EWC Course certainly delivered! It contains an abundance of resource materials and has given me the confidence and knowledge necessary to successfully coach executives. Many thanks, Lisa!”

Gail Sauter, INHC, CMWA, CEWC
“Executive Wellness Coach” Course Graduate


“The ”Executive Wellness Coach” Certificate Course provided me with hands-on executive coaching experiences, which I will use to develop my skills further.

I look forward to using these skills as I promote my executive wellness coaching and Workplace Wellness practice.”

Ellen Weiss, CMWA, CEWC
“Executive Wellness Coach” Course Graduate

Hear what a hospital CEO had to say about our 6-month EXECUTIVE WELLNESS COACHING PROGRAM…

“The Executive Wellness Coaching Program gave our Senior Leadership team the resources and process to individually and collectively improve our health. Every participant found the program beneficial, and several members made significant progress in attaining their wellness goals.

It also gave us some real-life experience with a wellness program that has informed our plans for leading an organization-wide wellness program. I believe that a well-rounded approach to wellness, as provided by this program, is invaluable to any Senior Leadership team and organization. Any leader who adopts an intentional, ongoing wellness program, aimed at mind, body and spirit, will experience improved health, and effectiveness on the job. In today’s world this is a must have for high-performance organizations.

I particularly enjoyed the 1:1 coaching sessions. I was able to ask many questions and really tailor my wellness journey to the areas that I needed and wanted to focus on. Lisa is an awesome coach as she is very knowledgeable, engaging, and committed to helping each person reach a new level of wellness that can be sustained, even after the coaching sessions are over.

Perhaps the biggest thing we got out of the EWCP group sessions was a sense of cohesion and sharing our progress and challenges together. Toward the end of the program Lisa (and her team) helped us create an Executive Wellness Charter to make us self-sufficient as a team going forward. This was a very important component of the program.”

Matt Perry, CEO, Genesis Healthcare System, Ohio, USA


Some of the Many Organizations Supported via WWCOE Programs & Services


Genesis Healthcare System

Broward College

Baylor College of Medicine

Denver Health

Virgin Pulse

The HEINEKEN Company (Madrid)

Cenovus Energy

Bell Canada

Scarborough Health Network

Halton Health

Kaiser Permanente

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Switzerland)

MPTF (Motion Picture & Television Fund) 

Number Ten Architectural Group

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada

Asset Health (mentor/strategic business partner)

Stressmaster International (Strategic business partner)

Introducing Lisa Kelly

As a Certified Executive Coach, Certified Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer, Stress Mastery expert, and Workplace Wellness certification provider through the Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence, Lisa has helped executives, managers, employees, and organizations across the globe, cultivate healthy changes, optimize performance, and achieve growth-oriented goals. Her areas of expertise include Stress Mastery, digestion, and back health.

As President of a global organization, Lisa fully understands the pressures and demands on today’s CEOs and executives and what it takes to maintain optimal health, energy, and performance at this level. As an Executive Wellness Coach, Lisa works with clients to manifest their unique wellness needs and desires for personal and professional growth, self-actualization, and high performance.

Learn more about Lisa and WWCOE offerings via the linked sources below.

Meet Lisa

Professional Bio

Professional History

(Podcast) Cultivating Healthy & Vibrant Workplaces

(LinkedIn Newsletter) Cultivating Vibrant Workplaces

Interview with Sheena Pracyk on Executive Wellness Coaching Program

Interview with Melody Byblow on Executive Wellness Coaching Program

Lisa Kelly

About the Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence

The Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence (a division of Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence) provides innovative, cost-effective workplace wellness training programs and solutions.

Our Centre’s mission is to foster a collaborative landscape that mobilizes the development of inclusive, results-oriented corporate wellness solutions.

Through dynamic and responsive programs, we help train wellness enthusiasts/professionals and industry leaders in how to champion vibrant, growth-oriented work cultures.

Our business objectives include:

  • Fostering healthy employees and vibrant, energized work cultures that promote employee and organizational success.
  • Developing “Wellness Change Agents” who make a difference.
  • Cultivating “high-involvement – high commitment” programs.

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