Executive Wellness & Stress Mastery Programs

Transformational Coaching for High Performance

Executive Wellness &
Stress Mastery Programs

Transformational Coaching for High Performance

Executive Wellness & Stress Mastery Programs

Transformational Coaching for High Performance

CEOs and mid- to senior-level leaders
Is this your life, your reality?


CEOs (and many senior leaders) work about 77% of daylight hours of any given week. [1]


Even prior to the pandemic, CEOs were putting in an average of 62.5 hours at work per week throughout the year. [2]


Now more than ever, senior leaders are working additional hours responding to out-of-office calls and emergencies.

Are you performing at your best? 


41% of senior leaders are reportedly under immense stress


36% are indicating high levels of exhaustion and burnout


74% of leaders face obstacles when it comes to achieving their well-being goals


69% are thinking about quitting because of their terrible state of well-being


70% of senior leaders believe burnout affects their decision-making ability [3]

“In the first half of our lives, we sacrifice our health for our wealth. Then, in the second half, we spend our wealth to regain our health.”

– Inspired by Dalai Lama

Two undeniable truths…

Making time for self-care is a non-negotiable for effective leadership.

The most important investment you can make in YOURSELF is your well-being! 

Are you ready to revitalize and harmonize your health, work, and life?

As a Certified Executive Coach, Stress Mastery expert, Holistic Nutritionist, and Personal Trainer, I have the breadth and depth of skills, programs, and experience to help you manifest your unique wellness and leadership goals.

My innovative, client-centric approach involves a blend of personal and professional assessments, laser coaching methodology, wellness-enhancing resources and programs that get RESULTS! Work with me to…


Elevate your health, wellness and vitality via five key Pillars of Well-being: Stress Mastery, Mindful Eating, Daily Movement, Sleep Mastery, and Energy Management.


Master stress and emotional well-being via a Stress Mastery Questionnaire and personalized SMQ profile (see video below), and stress mastery strategies.


Identify and address health and wellness challenges (including digestive, back health, functional movement) that may be impacting your qualify of life and productivity.


Gain clarity in your personal/professional goals and develop a roadmap for achieving them.


Enhance your leadership abilities and performance.


Acquire and nurture best practices for work-life harmony.

Executive Wellness Coaching… Investment with BIG returns!

ROI of Executive Wellness Coaching


A third of all Fortune 500 companies utilize executive coaching.


[Study] Between 500% and 700% commonly reported as a ROI for executive coaching.


Improved executive productivity (reported by 53% of executives).


Improvements in organizational strengths (48%).


Gains in customer service (39%).


Increased retention of executives (32%).


Enhanced direct report/supervisor relationships (>70%).


Improved teamwork (67%).


Improved peer-to-peer working relationships (63%).


Greater job satisfaction (52%). [4,5]

Wellness, Stress Mastery & Burnout Prevention Coaching Programs


[option 1]

Goal-Specific Executive Wellness

[1:1 Coaching]

3-month, 30-minute ‘goal-specific’ wellness coaching sessions

8 sessions


$2997 USD
(or CAD & tax)


[option 2]

Executive Wellness & Stress Mastery

[1:1 Coaching]

6-month, comprehensive wellness coaching via 45-60 minute sessions, wellness toolkits and text support

12 sessions


$3997 USD
(or CAD & tax)


[option 3]

Executive Wellness Team Program

6-month, organization-specific  wellness program for senior leadership teams. Includes 1:1 wellness coaching + monthly team wellness sessions; wellness toolkits and group support via coaching platform.


Starts at $4997 USD pp
(or CAD & tax)

Hear what others have to say!

“The Executive Wellness Coaching Program gave our Senior Leadership team the resources and process to individually and collectively improve our health. Every participant found the program beneficial, and several members made significant progress in attaining their wellness goals. It also gave us some real-life experience with a wellness program that has informed our plans for leading an organization-wide wellness program. I believe that a well-rounded approach to wellness, as provided by this program, is invaluable to any Senior Leadership team and organization.  Any leader who adopts an intentional, ongoing wellness program, aimed at mind, body and spirit, will experience improved health, and effectiveness on the job. In today’s world this is a must have for high performance organizations.

I particularly enjoyed the 1:1 coaching sessions. I was able to ask many questions and really tailor my wellness journey to the areas that I needed and wanted to focus on. Lisa is an awesome coach as she is very knowledgeable, engaging and committed to helping each person reach a new level of wellness that can be sustained, even after the coaching sessions are over.

Perhaps the biggest thing we got out of the EWCP group sessions was a sense of cohesion and sharing our progress and challenges together. Toward the end of the program Lisa (and her team) helped us create an Executive Wellness Charter to make us self sufficient as a team going forward. This was a very important component of the program.”

Matt Perry, CEO
Genesis Healthcare System, Ohio, USA

“Lisa is a brilliant trainer and expert in the world of executive coaching, advising, and executive wellness.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with her and observing her in an intensive coaching workshop. During this time, she coached numerous high-end professionals to gain increased clarity and make progress on a variety of mission-critical topics. She has a keen analytic mind, has high energy, and is extremely engaged and committed to helping leaders get even better. She has a wonderful vision for her organization and new ways to bring value to executives, and is constantly creating new programs and offerings to advance the field of executive and professional development. I highly recommend her work.”

Andrew Neitlich
Founder, Center for Executive Coaching

“My coaching sessions with Lisa were structured in a way which helped me, and my coach clearly identify what areas I could focus on to enhance both my personal wellbeing and organizational wellness leadership skills…

Ryan Wolf
Well-being Lead, Gallup

“Thank you, Lisa, for a fantastic experience. The coaching, personal support and professional development was extremely valuable.”

Maria Dee
Executive Director, Workforce Wellbeing
Kaiser Permanente

Introducing Lisa Kelly

As a Certified Executive Coach, Certified Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer, Stress Mastery expert, Workplace Wellness course provider, and founder of the Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence, Lisa has helped executives, managers, employees, and organizations across the globe cultivate healthy changes, optimize performance, and achieve growth-oriented goals. Her areas of specialty include Stress Mastery, digestion, and back health.

As President of a global organization, Lisa fully understands the pressures and demands on today’s CEOs and executives and what it takes to maintain optimal health, energy, and performance at this level. As an Executive Wellness Coach, Lisa will work with you to manifest your unique wellness needs and desires for personal and professional growth and self-actualization.

Learn more about Lisa and WWCOE offerings via the linked sources below.

Meet Lisa

Professional Bio

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Lisa Kelly

Frequently Asked Questions

What types/levels of leaders are the three coaching options designed for?

Coaching Programs Options 1-3 are designed to support senior level managers, directors, executives and CEOs. Each coaching engagement or group program is customized and personalized to the unique wellness needs of each coachee.

How does (Option 1) differ from the other options/coaching approaches?

Option 1 is facilitated via shorter (30-minute) coaching sessions that are goal-specific as determined at the outset of the contract/program and individual sessions.

What are the key differences between Options 2 and 3?

Option 2 is designed for those seeking comprehensive wellness and stress mastery coaching and support with their wellness goals, needs, and challenges and who desire to work exclusively one-on-one with a coach (vs. a group program).

Option 3 includes the same level of personalized wellness and stress mastery coaching support as Option 2 but with the added benefit of group support from other senior leaders via 6 monthly, 60-minute Masterclasses and a peer coaching portal. Participants have continued access to a coach/program facilitator and other leaders throughout the 6-month program for optimal wellness support and goal achievement.

What payment options/terms do you offer?

Options 1-3 may be paid via single payments at the start of the coaching contract/program or payment plans (i.e., 50% upfront and the balance paid mid-way through the coaching contract/program with admin fees).

Does the WWCOE offer referral incentives?

Yes, the WWCOE compensates individuals for referrals of registrants in both training and coaching programs. Contact info@workplacewellnesscoe.com to learn more.

Some of the Many Organizations Supported via WWCOE Programs & Services


Genesis Healthcare System

Broward College

Baylor College of Medicine

Denver Health

Virgin Pulse

The HEINEKEN Company (Madrid)

Cenovus Energy

Bell Canada

Scarborough Health Network

Halton Health

Kaiser Permanente

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Switzerland)

MPTF (Motion Picture & Television Fund) 

Number Ten Architectural Group

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada

Asset Health (mentor/strategic business partner)

Stressmaster International (Strategic business partner)

About the Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence

The Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence (a division of Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence) provides innovative, cost-effective workplace wellness training programs and solutions.

Our Centre’s mission is to foster a collaborative landscape that mobilizes the development of inclusive, results-oriented corporate wellness solutions.

Through dynamic and responsive programs, we help train wellness enthusiasts/professionals and industry leaders in how to champion vibrant, growth-oriented work cultures.

Our business objectives include:

  • Fostering healthy employees, leaders and vibrant, energized work cultures that promote employee and organizational success.
  • Developing “Wellness Change Agents” who make a difference.
  • Cultivating “high-involvement – high commitment” programs.

Put your health and wellness in the driver’s seat!