Workplace Wellness professionals and health coaches – is this you?


You have a career goal to coach and train senior leaders in personal wellness and organizational wellness leadership.


You want to cultivate healthy and vibrant work cultures.


You have a keen desire to work with senior leaders to impact change “from the top”.


You are seeking high growth opportunities to elevate and expand your corporate wellness coaching skills and services.

If this describes you, and you are interested in learning how to become dual certified as a Certified Executive Wellness Coach and EWLP Program Facilitator through our Workplace Wellness Leadership Series and EWLP Internship Program, sign up for our “Information Session Registry” below to receive details of upcoming Information Sessions. Sign up early as Internship intake will be limited to 20 participants per year (i.e. 10 per program).


The  “Executive Wellness Leadership Program” Internship offers applied, hands-on training to qualified “Certified Master Workplace Wellness Ambassadors” for coaching and training Human Resource managers, executives and senior leaders in personal wellness and organizational wellness leadership.

Internship Benefits & Opportunities


Cultivate applied skills in executive wellness coaching and program facilitation


Acquire implementable executive wellness coaching resources


Train, coach and connect with senior leaders to effect change “from the top”


Develop insights into both personal and organizational wellness challenges of executives/senior leaders


Build relationships with senior level managers for corporate wellness contracts or internal consulting/coaching roles


Elevate earnings potential as an Executive Wellness Coach, EWLP Program Facilitator, and Ambassador Program Facilitator


Enhance business growth opportunities via independent/partnered facilitation of executive wellness coaching and EWLP programs

Internship Pre-Requisites


Certified Master Workplace Wellness Ambassador


“Focus on Healthy Eating Program” Certified Facilitator


Coaching certification and experience (i.e. Health & Wellness Coach, Life Coach, etc.)


Experience in corporate wellness development and client coaching


Professional Liability Insurance

Internship Program Training

Step 1 – Internship Preparation

  • Review and discuss via Ruzuku elearning platform: EWLP and Internship objectives and intern roles
  • Review EWLP modules and program resources 
  • Participate in 2 intern training webinars involving:
    • Online program facilitation and webinar presentation fundamentals
    • Ruzuku platform features for EWLP program
    • Executive Laser-Coaching Techniques 

Step 2 – EWLP Internship

  • Participate in a 6-week EWLP program with executives/senior leaders as an EWLP intern:
    • Moderate and respond to assigned EWLP module discussions within Ruzuku
    • Present assigned webinar topic(s) in EWLP webinar(s)
      from provided program resources
    • Conduct six coaching sessions with an EWLP program participant during or post program as outlined in Step 3

Step 3 – Coaching Sessions and Reports

Conduct six personal wellness and/or wellness leadership coaching sessions with executives or senior level managers in the EWLP program using the “Focus on Healthy Eating for Executives” program and other EWLP Program resources.

Submit standardized reports on learnings and experiences from each coaching session as a grouped set within 10 weeks of EWLP program completion.

Step 4 – “Next Steps” 

Upon internship completion, dual-certified graduates will receive a group-based debriefing session to review internship facilitation and coaching experiences.

Intern graduates will also receive protocols and guidance in marketing, recruitment, coordination and delivery of executive wellness coaching offerings and learn about EWLP Program facilitation opportunities.

Take your career to new heights as a “Certified Executive Wellness Coach” and “EWLP Program Facilitator”

The first EWLP Pilot will commence in September 2019.

Intake of qualifying Certified Master Ambassadors for the fall Internship pilot will be determined through a selection process involving participation in both an Information Session and a personal interview. 

EWLP Internship pilots will be limited to 10 interns and offered at a special launch rate. Selected interns will be enrolled upon receipt of program payment.

If you are interested in learning more about our Workplace Wellness Leadership Certification series and our EWLP Internship, sign up for our “Information Session Registry” below, or contact us at

Centre of Excellence

The Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence (a registered division of Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc. ) cultivates healthy employees and high-performing organizations through innovative, cost-effective workplace wellness training programs and solutions.

Our centre’s mission is to foster a collaborative landscape that mobilizes the development of inclusive, results-oriented corporate wellness solutions benefiting organizations, employees, and communities at large.

Through dynamic and responsive programs, the “Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence” trains wellness enthusiasts/professionals and industry leaders in how to champion vibrant, growth-oriented work cultures.

Our business objectives include:

  • Fostering healthy employees and vibrant, energized work cultures that promote employee and organizational success.
  • Developing “Wellness Change Agents” who make a difference.
  • Cultivating “high-involvement – high commitment” workplace wellness programs.

To learn more, contact:

Lisa Kelly, President & Founder
Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence        

Meet the Program Director

Lisa Kelly, President/Founder of Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence and the Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence has been cultivating healthy changes within workplaces and with personal clients for over 20 years.

Through her online, fully-facilitated Workplace Wellness Leadership Programs, Lisa’s mission is to create an innovative and collaborative landscape for global workplace wellness that fosters employee-driven, results-oriented wellness solutions benefiting employers, employees, and communities at large.

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