Workplace Wellness & HR Leaders,  Executive Coaches, Consultants

Reimagine — Reinvent — Revitalize WORKPLACE WELL-BEING!

  Advance your influence and career as a change agent and strategic adviser to senior leadership.

Discover how to optimize employee well-being and engagement in hybrid work environments.

Acquire advanced Workplace Wellness leadership, strategic planning and assessment skills, and toolkits.

Earn a “Culture Ambassador of High Performance” designation, crest, and certificate.

Culture Ambassador Crest

Prepare for the future with the “Five Transformative Shifts for Workplace Well-being”.

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Through a selection process, you will be considered for our dynamic “Executive Wellness Leadership Program” to cultivate advanced leadership skills in employee and organizational wellness, Workplace Wellness strategic planning, Stress Mastery, culture building, diversity and inclusion, change management, Transformational Leadership, and more!

Participants will acquire “advanced” skills, toolkits, and coaching support to… 


Optimize the health and well-being of employees and leaders through multi-dimensional, “Whole-Person” wellness strategies. 


Foster a healthy, vibrant and inclusive work culture with the support of Wellness Champions, leaders, and c-suite in onsite and hybrid environments.


Nurture agency, self-leadership, innovation, and productivity to maximize the success of employees and managers.

Discover and discuss forward-looking organizational well-being strategies via Lisa Kelly’s book, Cultivating Healthy & Vibrant Workplaces and podcast.

Navigate the future of Workplace Well-Being
via the “Five Transformative Shifts” including [Shift 1] “Total Life” Employee Experience and [Shift 5] “Total Life” Well-Being for the Lifespan.

Through the above, position your organization (or client organization) as an industry leader who values and prioritizes employee and organizational well-being and development.

To be considered for this program, sign up for the  “Program Interest List” below to receive an invite to a group Information Session and/or Program Discovery Consult to discuss your interest and suitability.

The Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP® recertification activities.

“The Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence Workplace Wellness Programs are activating ‘agents of change’ around the world.”

Laura Putnam, CEO of Motion Infusion, Author of “Workplace Wellness That Works”

Enhance employee well-being and develop organizational wellness leadership skills in one dynamic certificate program!

Developed in collaboration with industry experts, this 12week,  online, group-interactive certificate program is led by a team of EWLP facilitators and mentors.

Through this transformational, skill-building program you will be trained and coached in how to optimize employee well-being and organizational wellness for these dynamic times (with a strong emphasis on culture building). Plus, earn the designation, “Cultural Ambassador of High Performance”.  

Elevate your role and advance your career in both workplace wellness and organizational development with hands-on, experiential training and support.

Acquire the knowledge and skills to become a trusted and valued “strategic business partner” to senior leadership and middle management – one who drives home the connection between comprehensive, employee-driven wellness programs and organizational competitiveness, growth, and sustainability!

Corporate Benefits & Opportunities


Cultivate inspired and engaged Wellness Champions.


Facilitate positive working relationships
between employees and managers.


Boost employee morale – help foster joy and purpose in their lives and work.


Create and promote inclusive wellness programs and thriving work cultures in hybrid work environments.


Enrich employee engagement and experiences in workplace wellness offerings.


Design inclusive wellness programs embracing Marc Michaelson’s “Total Life” Employee Experience and “Total Life” Well-Being for the Lifespan.


Elevate management support and involvement in workplace wellness strategic planning and delivery.


Enhance employee attraction, retention and teamwork.


Foster happy, healthy, engaged employees and in turn, optimize the organization’s competitive advantage, growth, and success. 

“Lisa is a brilliant trainer and expert in the world of executive coaching, advising, and executive wellness. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her and observing her in an intensive coaching workshop. During this time, she coached numerous high-end professionals to gain increased clarity and make progress on a variety of mission-critical topics. She has a keen analytic mind, has high energy, and is extremely engaged and committed to helping leaders get even better. She has a wonderful vision for her organization and new ways to bring value to executives, and is constantly creating new programs and offerings to advance the field of executive and professional development. I highly recommend her work.”

Andrew Neitlich, Founder, Center for Executive Coaching

Program Overview

EWLP participants will benefit from: 


Advanced training in Workplace Wellness strategic planning, design, delivery, and evaluation. 


Six program modules and corresponding toolkits, employee and organizational wellness assessments, wellness program strategic planning and development blueprints, and more.


Four dynamic and highly interactive webinars with breakout groups, plus a Strategic Planning Workshop.


Facilitated online discussions regarding organizational wellness leadership and employee well-being.


Employee health and wellness toolkits.


Program certificate of completion (i.e. for those who fully complete the program).


EXECUTIVE WELLNESS MASTERMIND in the concluding weeks of the program to facilitate peer support in preparing the QBL assignment, etc.


Help employees and leaders master the art of “Work-Life Effectiveness”

SHRM recertification provider badge

Elevating you and your organization to new heights!

The next EWLP Program offering will be announced on this page and via emails to the EWLP Interest List.

As indicated above, program enrollment will be determined through a selection process involving sign up to our “Program Interest Registry” and participation in an Information Session and/or 1:1 Discovery Consult. 

Enrollment is limited to ensure optimal training and support.

Interested individuals are encouraged to sign up for our “Program Interest Registry,” or reach out to us with any questions at

To learn more about this transformational program, sign up for our “Program Interest List” below to receive an invite to an Information Session and/or Program Discovery Consult.  

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Hear from our “Executive Wellness Leadership Program” participants!

“The EWLP and VIP Club were a great opportunity for me to explore best practices and new thought patterns from a diverse group of professionals. My coaching sessions were structured in a way which helped me, and my coach clearly identify what areas I could focus on to enhance both my personal wellbeing and organizational wellness leadership skills. I am grateful for the experience of being in the program because it was self-enlightening and gave me new ways to think about the way I lead in my networks. I highly recommend this program to all corporate leaders!”

Ryan Wolf, Well-being Lead, Gallup

Thank you for a fantastic experience. The coaching, personal support and professional development was extremely valuable.” 

Maria Dee, Executive Director, Workforce Wellbeing, Kaiser Permanente

“The Executive Wellness Leadership Program (EWLP) provides a forum for leaders to share workplace wellness strategies and resources that have been implemented successfully. I learned new concepts and ideas that could easily be adapted and applied within my organization. The EWLP program will offer value for well-being practitioners and executives that are looking to make a difference within their organization.”

Jesse Gavin, Senior Wellness Manager, Baylor College of Medicine

“The Executive Wellness Leadership Program and peer support set me up well to navigate the challenges 2020 posed. Highly recommend leaders embrace this experience.”

John Salmond, President & CEO, GMS Health and Travel Insurance

“This is an excellent program filled with amazing information that can help individuals and organizations to help their employees with their health and wellness strategies and goals.”

Debra Somani, Senior Director, Transformation Management
Transformation Management Office and ERP HCM Stream Lead, GoA

“Lisa, I want to thank you very much for everything and being a big part of my wellness journey.  You have not only helped me personally, but also opened another door in my journey to become the Health and Safety Leader I was always wanted to be.”

Fred Naujoks, Safety Leader at Element Materials Technology

“Thanks Lisa, one of the most in-depth courses relating to Workplace Wellness I’ve attended!”

Mark Thompson, Offshore QHSE Advisor at Shelf Drilling

“Incredible and transformative experience! Thanks Lisa and Sheena for all your guidance and support!”

Fernando Lallana, Workplace & Well-being Manager, The Heineken Company

Centre of Excellence

The Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence (a registered division of Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc.) cultivates healthy employees, dynamic leaders, and high-performing organizations through instructor-led, highly interactive, online workplace wellness training programs and solutions.

Our Centre’s mission is to foster a collaborative landscape that mobilizes the development of inclusive, results-oriented corporate wellness solutions benefiting organizations, employees, and communities at large.

Through our innovative and responsive programs, the “Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence” trains wellness enthusiasts/professionals and industry leaders in how to champion vibrant, growth-oriented work cultures.

Our business objectives include:

  • Fostering healthy employees and vibrant, energized work cultures that promote employee and organizational success.
  • Developing “Wellness Change Agents” who make a difference.
  • Cultivating “high-involvement – high commitment” workplace wellness programs.

To learn more, contact:

Lisa Kelly, President & Founder
Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence

Healthy and Vibrant Workplaces Podcast

Meet the Program Director

Lisa Kelly, President and Founder of Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc. and the Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence has been cultivating healthy changes within workplaces and with personal clients for over 25 years.

Through her online, fully-facilitated training programs, consulting and corporate solutions, Lisa’s mission is to create an innovative and collaborative landscape for global workplace wellness that fosters employee-driven, results-oriented wellness solutions benefiting employers, employees, and communities at large.