Employers, do you have employees who:

  • Frequently call in sick?
  • Are tired and exhibit low energy?
  • Lack interest and motivation in their work?
  • Just go through the motions each day?

As corporate wellness training providers, we get it!

And we understand the pressures you likely face in helping to nurture and support the health, well-being and performance of your employees.

Let’s be clear… for optimal business performance, you need your employees to be present, efficient, and engaged each and every day.

What if you could nurture healthier, energized and more engaged employees?

Did you know that supporting employees with mindful eating and mindful living tools, training and coaching can significantly enhance energy and productivity levels?

Yes, it is a well-documented fact that employees who eat healthy and nurture healthier lifestyles:

  • cope better with work and personal stressors
  • possess higher energy levels
  • are less reactive to daily work pressures
  • are more present, effective and productive in their work

That’s why we created the Focus on Healthy Eating Program!

Healthy Employees = Thriving Businesses

The Focus on Healthy Eating Program (FOHE) is a dynamic, mindful eating – mindful living program facilitated as an interactive online or onsite, group or 1:1 coaching program over the course of 6 or 12 week offerings.

This program places an equal emphasis on healthy, mindful eating, and mindful living, so employees can cultivate a more abundant and vibrant life.

The FOHE program strategically guides employees to take their health to the next level through dynamic training and coaching by a qualified, professional facilitator and through peer support.

Participation is self-paced and program webinars can be scheduled either during or outside of regular business hours.

AND, with the provision of online offerings, onsite and remote employees alike can benefit from this program.

Plus, many of our Focus on Healthy Eating facilitators are also Certified Master Workplace Wellness Ambassadors who understand the implications of cultivating a healthy work culture and are armed with helpful strategies to help make this happen.

Offering the FOHE Program to your employees will help them:

  • Feel confident in choosing nourishing foods for optimal health, energy, and vitality.
  • Discover how to replace unhealthy eating habits with mindful eating practices to optimize their health and improve their readiness for the work day.
  • Effectively manage emotional and stress-related eating.
  • Break free from restrictive diets that leave them physically and emotionally depleted.
  • Practice stress mastery, relaxation, and self-awareness techniques for abundant living.
  • Take charge of their health and cultivate healthy weight management strategies for LIFE!

And, what happens when employees are happier, healthier and living their best lives?

  • Their performance is dramatically enhanced as they are less reactive to personal or work stressors, and in turn, experience less illness and mood disturbances.
  • They are more present, resilient and efficient.
  • They are more apt to function at the top of their game—each and every day!


Mindful eating and well-being strategies for abundant living!

Focus on Healthy Eating – Up Close!

Dynamic Training

  • 6 or 12-week onsite or online group programs
  • 6 live webinars or onsite presentations
  • Online learning communities
  • Interactive group discussions and activities
  • Weekly “Take Action” Activities

Comprehensive Modules & Toolkits

  • 6 Program Modules 
  • 6 Module Toolkits
  • Inspirational handouts/resources
  • FOHE Wellness Wheel
  • Healthy Lifestyle Questionnaire
  • “90 Day” Take Action Planner
  • FOHE “Food and Mood Journal”
  • Whole Foods Meal Planner and Grocery Guide
  • FOHE Recipe eBook + 2 Menu Guides
  • Participant program certificate of completion

Extensive Coaching Support

  • Weekly coaching and motivational support by program facilitator(s) and fellow participants
  • Weekly emails/online posts of mindful eating and mindful living tips/tools
  • Dynamic discussion and “Take Action” Activities during and between sessions
  • Skill-building worksheets – Healthy Lifestyle Assessments, Goal setting “Action Planner”, Food and Wellness journals, and much more
  • Online community for participant sharing and support (when provided)
  • “Laser Health Coaching” Sessions (optional offering by Certified Health Coaches)

Hear what our “Focus on Healthy Eating Program” FACILITATORS have to say:

One of the most comprehensive programs available!

“It was a wonderful experience working with Workplace Wellness COE Inc. on the development and execution of the “Focus on Healthy Eating” Program. I was very impressed by the quality and professionalism of the materials. I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside a highly skilled team of health and wellness professionals who supported each other to deliver one of the most comprehensive programs available. Thank you Workplace Wellness COE!”

Kathleen Blackmore, CHHC, CMWA
Stephanie Flanders Martin, CHHC, CMWA
“Focus on Healthy Eating Program” Certified Facilitators

DFY Resources & Presentations in one platform!

“Lisa Kelly’s “Focus on Healthy Eating” Program is very well put-together. As a wellness professional, working with Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence and becoming a Certified Facilitator for the “Focus on Healthy Eating” Program is awesome. Having access to professional looking materials and done-for-you presentations all in one organized platform takes so much of the behind the scenes work out of bringing a professional program to corporate clients.”

Liz Jones, MAOL, CPT, RYT, Nutritional Therapist, CMWA
“Focus on Healthy Eating Program” Certified Facilitator

Life-enhancing “Non-Scale Victories”!

“The Focus on Healthy Eating Program is a 12-week trail-blazing journey based on mindful and healthy eating and mindful living strategies. It emphasizes the power of gaining awareness, trusting and honoring your body, and making small changes that lead to big results. The supportive group environment helped participants experience many “non-scale” victories including how to make quality nutrition a priority even with a demanding, changing schedule and creating a stronger connection between feelings and food. Several months post program, one of our participants shared that she feels so much healthier with her 25-pound weight loss achieved from the FOHE healthy living strategies…a nice side benefit to her main goal of learning how to improve her eating habits and overall well-being.”

Jill Kane, Certified Health Coach, CMWA
“Focus on Healthy Eating Program” Certified Facilitator


Changing relationships with food!

“FOHE is a comprehensive program that allows participants to look at food and eating in a new way and begin to change their relationship with food. It is not a diet, rather a unique way of considering healthy eating. One participant was able to reverse her type 2 diabetes with this life-enhancing program.”

Sabrina Gonder, CHHC, CMWA
“Focus on Healthy Eating Program” Certified Facilitator

Hear what “Focus on Healthy Eating”
PARTICIPANTS have to say:

[FOHE Facilitator Sabrina Gonder interviewing program participant Peggy Beaudry]

The Focus on “Eating for Life” is very positive…

“… and not counting calories or even stepping on a scale every week is very positive. I am staying away from the chips and being much more conscious of portion sizing, especially when eating out …I take a moment before I eat to ask, ‘am I hungry or is it something else?’ …This is a process, not a diet and the learning continues! Also, the mindfulness about grocery shopping and connecting mood with particular eating habits was helpful as was a suggestion that I LOOK at what other grocery shoppers are putting into their baskets. Yikes! I’ve been rather horrified.”

S.W., Program Participant

I have lost weight and am not depriving myself!

“I have lost 13.9 pounds and love how I am not starving or depriving myself. Mentally and emotionally I am so well balanced. I am exercising 2 times a week. I have been overweight and tried many plans. This weight loss is a small piece of victory for my lifestyle changes. [2 month’s post-program] “Happy Dance! I haven’t weighed myself in a while, and I am down 20 lbs., WOOHOO!! I love this new wellness journey I am on.”

S.H., Program Participant

Every Small Change Equals Results!

“The 80/20 Rule was a new concept for me and has been a key to my success to eating healthy. You don’t have to make big changes to see results. I can’t think of anything that I didn’t enjoy about the program.”

P.B., Program Participant

I really enjoyed the interactive meetings…

“…and online group comradery. I also loved that you could go into the online group 24/7 and that everyone could share information and ask questions. “Focus on Healthy Eating” helped reinforce what I knew about healthy eating and helped me better understand hunger versus boredom and mindless eating. I now incorporate superfoods and daily meditation into my new healthy lifestyle and feel amazing!”

K.B., Program Participant

Healthy Eating is a Life-long Journey!

“Staying on track has been a challenge because when I fall off the wagon, I tend to give up. Now I am trying to stick with program mantras that healthy eating is a life-long journey and making small steps will eventually make big changes. The program was great and Jill and Gail were well-versed, knowledgeable, and most importantly, understanding and didn’t “preach” to us about healthy eating. They made us feel like they were on this journey with us. They made it fun!”

M.O., Program Participant

If you want to help your organization…

Cultivate healthier employees,

Promote a culture of well-being,

Foster mindfulness and productivity,

Enhance its competitive advantage…

Reach out today to request more information

and learn the various options available to bring

an onsite or online

FOHE program to your organization.


Offering a Focus on Healthy Eating Program can be one of the

best gifts you give your employees,


having healthy, happy, productive employees

is the greatest asset you can gift your organization!

Yes, I want to learn more about the “Focus on Healthy Eating Program” for our employees.