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Get on TRACK to become (or advance yourself) as a Workplace Wellness Specialist, Workplace Wellness Leader, Wellness Champion, or Culture Change Agent (i.e., senior leaders, managers, and consultants).

Acquire the SKILLS and TOOLKITS needed to support your organization or client organizations in cultivating healthy employees and thriving, “connected” work environments.

Learn and grow with other Wellness enthusiasts/professionals and corporate leaders via LIWW module discussions, Skills Labs, monthly Masterclasses, and our idea-generating CHVW Book Club

Gold-standard training from a global Workplace Wellness certification provider, consultant, podcaster, and author of Cultivating Healthy & Vibrant Workplaces!

Expert guidance and support to build or advance your career in Corporate Wellness or become a Change Agent or Wellness Champion. 

Launch Into Workplace Wellness is an interactive, self-paced, instructor-led, certificate course with online modules, toolkits, daily discussions, monthly Masterclasses, CHVW Book Club, and peer support.

The LIWW Course is highly recommended for selection and enrolment into our Workplace Wellness Certification Tracks.

Here’s how the course works:

  • Register today and complete the course within 6 months to earn LIWW certificate.
  • Modules, toolkits, and Skills Labs are released over a 6-week period.
  • Interact with LIWW instructor and course participants via monthly skill-building Masterclasses online module discussions and activities, and CHVW Book Club.
  • CHVW Book Club: Exclusive online discussions of applications, best practices, and actionable tips/strategies from Lisa and Peter’s book, Cultivating Healthy & Vibrant Workplaces (purchased separately for reference/use in this course and certification tracks 1-3).
  • LIWW registrants have up to 6 months to complete the modules, Skills Labs, and a minimum of 4 Masterclasses to qualify for the certificate of completion. (Refer to the “Q&A” section for additional information on Masterclass requirements).
  • The LIWW Course is highly recommended for those interested in being considered and selected for one of our 3 certification tracks.

As a course participant, you will


Discover basic elements of high-involvement – high-commitment Workplace Wellness programs for both onsite and hybrid work environments.


Learn innovative strategies for cultivating and leading dynamic and inclusive work cultures. 


Acquire implementable resources to begin or expand your  Workplace Wellness toolkits.


Develop marketing knowledge, skills and tools to promote your corporate wellness programs and services (i.e., internally or within client organizations).


Learn from industry experts, wellness professionals/ enthusiasts, and corporate leaders through monthly Zoom-hosted Masterclasses involving breakout groups and the CHVW Book Club (hosted via Ruzuku, the course portal).


Network and grow with wellness enthusiasts, health coaches, Workplace Wellness professionals, Wellness Champions, business consultants, corporate directors and managers, etc.


Be introduced to our 3 certification tracks to advance your professional development and career as a Workplace Wellness Specialist, WWCOE Workplace Wellness Concierge, Workplace Wellness leader, Wellness Champion, or Culture Change Agent.

“The Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence Workplace Wellness Leadership Certification Programs are activating ‘agents of change’ around the world.”

Laura Putnam, CEO of Motion Infusion, Author of “Workplace Wellness That Works”

Launch into Workplace Wellness includes…


6 comprehensive Workplace Wellness modules + toolkits


Interactive “Skills Lab” activities to build on module topics and CHVW Book Club


Interactive monthly Masterclasses via Zoom (i.e., culture-building strategies, Workplace Wellness program development and delivery fundamentals, marketing strategies, lead generation and consulting tips, etc.) 


Implementable and brandable employee wellness handouts


Wellness Campaign template via implementable “Healthy Meals on the Go” wellness campaign


Workplace Wellness marketing resources and strategies


Support from industry expert LIWW trainers and mentors 


Workplace Wellness career/business coaching 


Introduction to our Workplace Wellness certification tracks and priority selection/enrolment


Dynamic online community for networking, contract partnerships, and peer support. 

Meet the Instructor

Lisa Kelly, President, Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc. and founder of the Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence has been cultivating healthy changes within workplaces and with personal clients for over 20 years.

Through her Workplace Wellness courses and certification tracks, and bundled corporate solutions facilitated by the WWCOE Workplace Wellness Concierges (program graduates), Lisa’s mission is to create an innovative and collaborative landscape for global workplace wellness that fosters employee-driven, results-oriented wellness solutions benefiting employers, employees, and communities at large.

Bring your energy, passion, and commitment  we’ll do the rest!


High impact, implementable 4-week wellness campaign, employee wellness tip sheets, workplace wellness handouts and marketing templates!

“Lisa, your program is the ‘gold standard’ for Workplace Wellness certification training… I will be referring people to your next class.”

Jim Petersen, Ph.D., Stressmaster International

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use this course to advance my career in Workplace Wellness or as an organizational leader?

The LIWW course offers training and resources in organizational leadership, culture-building, Workplace Wellness program development and delivery, and independent contract acquisition.

Will the LIWW course provide skill-building opportunities for those already working in corporate wellness?
Most definitely! This course will expose you to new Workplace Wellness insights and our innovative certification programs to further develop your skills, grow your Workplace Wellness toolkits, and advance your career. Plus, you will get to network closely with other wellness enthusiasts, Corporate Wellness Specialists and Leaders, and experienced corporate managers.
How long do I have to complete the course to qualify for the certificate?
LIWW is a self-paced yet higly interactive course! The 6 modules and supplemental resources are released over 6 weeks from the time of registration. Registrants have up to 6 months to complete the course and qualify for the course certificate. To qualify for the LIWW Certificate, registrants are to review course modules, complete module “Skills Lab” discussion posts/peer feedback and participate in/review a minimum of 4 Masterclasses (i.e., participate in a minimum of 2 live Masterclasses + submission of up to 2 replay summary reports). LIWW Masterclasses will be offered on different days/times each month to accommodate international time zones. Those wishing to be considered for enrolment in one of our WWCOE certification tracks are highly encouraged to register for this course. WWCOE CertificationTrack questions will be answered via the LIWW Course, Info Sessions, Discovery Consults, WWCOE social groups. Questions may also be forwarded to
Will I get to interact with and ask questions of the course instructor and other participants in the course?
You bet! Participants will get to learn from each other and the LIWW instructor through interactive Masterclasses, module Skills Labs, and CHVW Book Club discussions.
Is the LIWW course a mandatory requirement for enrolment in the Workplace Wellness Certification Tracks 1-3?

No! However, it is strongly recommended for those interested in being considered for the limited spaces in our 3 program tracks.

Is a LIWW Course rebate offered towards registration in one of the certification tracks?
Yes, as further explained in our program Information Sessions and Discovery Consults, LIWW Course registrants selected for one of our 3 certification tracks will qualify for a full rebate of “paid” LIWW Course fees (i.e. applied towards registration deposit for Tracks 1-3).

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Kelly Goodwin, CWWA
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“If you have anything to do with corporate health or employee engagement, then you must check out the Workplace Wellness Ambassador Programs.”

John Toomey, Melbourne, Australia
The Fatigue Professor, CEO of Global Wellness

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“I have to say I am totally blown away by Lisa Kelly’s amazing Workplace Wellness Ambassador Programs. As one of the Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence pilot program graduates, I get access to any future workplace wellness campaigns and Lunch and Learns that are created. I just received the new graduate campaigns and am completely shocked; these are worth their price in gold alone! I have full programs to run with any corporation which would take endless amounts of time to create.”

Shauna Cheney, CWWA
Celestial Health Coaching