Guest Articles

Quality of the Employment Experience

It is becoming increasing clearer that the traditional worksite wellness programs of today are evolving into programs that are currently being called Wellness 2.0. From the descriptions I have seen, I would describe Wellness 2.0 as actually being employee well-being...

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Healthy Government Workplace

Is that phrasing oxymoronic? Is that what people think when that phrase is mentioned? Why is that thinking so pervasive? Is the government the toughest fight yet for workplace wellness? Part of the reason stems from the perception that most governments are...

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Food at Work

March is National Nutrition Month. There is an old expression that we are what we eat. It is also true that we eat what is easy... easy to get, easy to prepare, etc. This is the reasoning behind a building movement within worksite wellness to make the healthiest...

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Engagement Matters

Every employer wants engaged employees. Engaged employees contribute positively to their organization's performance. Unengaged and disengaged employees are a drain on organizational performance. While the percentage of engaged employees varies with each survey, I have...

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