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Creating Healthy Employees One Ambassador at a Time!

An Increased Need for Wellness in the Workplace Increasingly, organizations around the world are hiring certified corporate wellness professionals to help foster healthier lives for their employees. Why? Studies show that employers who invest in employee wellness...

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Workplace Wellness as a Competitive Advantage

The importance of employers' role in wellness is acknowledged worldwide. The World Health Organization has cited the workplace as one of the priority settings for health promotion in the 21st century. - Dee Edington, Zero Trends Workplace Wellness Benefits to...

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What typifies a healthy workplace?

Healthy workplaces are often typified by organizational cultures that embrace and embody the following: Organizational Supports; Healthy Workplace Practices; Supportive Working Relationships; Team Synergy; Employee Engagement. As evidenced below, Workplace Wellness...

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Perfecting the Art of Active Listening

"If speaking is silver, then listening is gold."            (Turkish proverb)   Through this article, Perfecting the art of Active Listening, we will explore the reasons many of us fail at listening, gain an understanding of the...

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