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Workplace Wellness as a Competitive Advantage

The importance of employers' role in wellness is acknowledged worldwide. The World Health Organization has cited the workplace as one of the priority settings for health promotion in the 21st century. - Dee Edington, Zero Trends Workplace Wellness Benefits to...

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What typifies a healthy workplace?

Healthy workplaces are often typified by organizational cultures that embrace and embody the following: Organizational Supports; Healthy Workplace Practices; Supportive Working Relationships; Team Synergy; Employee Engagement. As evidenced below, Workplace Wellness...

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Perfecting the Art of Active Listening

"If speaking is silver, then listening is gold."            (Turkish proverb)   Through this article, Perfecting the art of Active Listening, we will explore the reasons many of us fail at listening, gain an understanding of the...

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Guest Blogs

Take your Meetings for a Walk!

Walking meetings are a great way to incorporate fitness into your workday while staying on track with business. So, what is a walking meeting? Well, it’s just that – a meeting that takes place while walking. If you are like the rest of us who...

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Employees Can Make a Difference!

A major 2016 Wellness Initiative at Clarks Americas Corporation, led and coordinated by our awesome Benefits Manager, was the 2nd annual Health Fair, hosted on-site at our Newton, MA and Hanover, PA office locations. In our Newton office, 81 employees took part in...

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Quality of Work Life per Square Foot

What is the quality of work life per square foot of your workplace?  Business owners and senior leaders often look to a number of measures or metrics to determine operating costs and how their business is doing financially. Facility costs are often measured on...

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Quality of the Employment Experience

It is becoming increasing clearer that the traditional worksite wellness programs of today are evolving into programs that are currently being called Wellness 2.0. From the descriptions I have seen, I would describe Wellness 2.0 as actually being employee well-being...

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Healthy Government Workplace

Is that phrasing oxymoronic? Is that what people think when that phrase is mentioned? Why is that thinking so pervasive? Is the government the toughest fight yet for workplace wellness? Part of the reason stems from the perception that most governments are...

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