Transform workplaces, employees, and your career as a multi-certified, Master-level Workplace Wellness professional!

Transform workplaces, employees, and your career as a multi-certified, Master-level Workplace Wellness professional!

Introducing our. . .

Workplace Wellness
Certification Programs


New certification programs commencing Oct 2, 2023!

Ignite your career and reach new heights, opportunities and unimaginable fulfillment.

With our transformative, skills-based, progressive certification tracks, the sky is the limit!

Our programs offer career-building opportunities to become a highly competent, confident and in demand “master level” workplace wellness professional and executive wellness coach/program facilitator.

As a health coach, corporate professional or workplace wellness specialist, you have so much more to give to the world.

You are you ready to achieve more… earn more … be more… and make a difference that only YOU can make!

Pamela Dempster, CMWA, CCPE

Dempster Wellness & Associates,
Specialists in Corporate Wellness & Ergonomic Consulting

Health coaches & wellness professionals…

…you have imagined becoming a Workplace Wellness specialist, moving to a one to many model.

You want to make this happen but perhaps lack the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to create inclusivehigh impact workplace wellness programs, AND to strategically market yourself and build relationships with employers to stand out from other workplace wellness professionals.

Corporate professionals & consultants…

…you have a deep desire and passion for becoming a transformational Change Agent and leader in fostering healthier employees and thriving work cultures.

You are keenly interested in achieving this for yourself and your organization(s) but you need training, tools and skill development for creating and facilitating results-oriented workplace wellness programs AND effectively promoting yourself to senior leaders for career advancement opportunities (or to client organizations).

And, being true to yourself, you want exciting, challenging career opportunities that “light you up” and…

… help put a smile on the faces of employees you work with

… experience workdays where you know you are in the right profession

… where you get to do the work that you are meant to be doing and contributing to causes about which you are deeply passionate.

We get it and we can help you get there!

Our facilitator-led, interactive, applied, online certification programs provide innovative training and implementable wellness campaigns to help you can become an in-demand workplace wellness leader of results-driven onsite and online workplace wellness solutions.

Through our forward-looking programs and mentorship, Ambassador trainees gain confidence, specialized skills and comprehensive toolkits to cultivate healthy employees/leaders/executives and high-performing work cultures in this dynamic, hybrid work environment.

Ruvi Makuni, CMWA, CEWC
Fit.Active.Toned Wellness Programs

Welcome future Ambassadors…

My name is Lisa Kelly, President / Director and facilitator of our WWCOE workplace wellness courses and programs.

As a participant in our career-advancing certification tracks and programs you will…


Get noticed – and hired – with globally recognized Workplace Wellness certifications


Gain specialized skills that position you as a Master-level Workplace Wellness professional and/or Executive Wellness Coach/Program Facilitator.


Enhance your growth, marketability, and earnings potential.


Stand out with cost-effective workplace wellness solutions.


Cultivate skills in facilitating virtual wellness programs.


Foster safer, ergonomic-friendly work environments.


Develop virtual team-building skills to cultivate inclusive hybrid work environments.


Acquire wellness programs, coaching tools and a growing library of implementable, brandable Lunch & Learns, wellness campaigns and marketing resources.


Be mentored every step of the way to advance your wellness career – during and post program.


Become part of our global WWCOE Concierge Network of corporate wellness professionals and corporate wellness change agents making a GLOBAL difference!

The Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence’s Workplace Wellness Ambassador Certification Programs are activating ‘agents of change’ around the world.

This is exactly the kind of in-depth training we need to turn around the tide of poor health and well-being.

I look forward to working with the Workplace Wellness COE Ambassadors as they explore ways to apply concepts from “Workplace Wellness That Works” to start a movement, build a movement, and sustain a movement of well-being within their organizations.

Laura Putnam

Author of “Workplace Wellness That Works”
and CEO of Motion Infusion

Explore each of our 3 program tracks below…

…. to discover how you can become a highly specialized, in-demand Workplace Wellness Leader, Concierge, Consultant, and Certified Executive Wellness Coach.

Our training approach is unique, innovative, experiential, and highly supportive.

Enrollment in our program tracks is limited to ensure optimum training and coaching support. 

You are encouraged to review this entire page before exploring each of the tracks below. Then sign up for an Information Session (i.e, facilitated via monthly webinars and 1:1 Discovery Consults) to learn more about our career-advancing programs and to be considerd for enrolment!

Track 3

Selection & Enrollment Process

If you are interested in learning more about our certification programs, and want to be considered for enrolment, we invite you to participate in the following three steps:

Step 1: Information Session

Participate in one of our monthly group Information Sessions via our “Information Session” Interest List below ( i.e. list sign ups will be notified of upcoming info sessions). 

Step 2: Discovery Consult

Following participation in an Information Session, those interested in further exploring their personal suitability for our programs will be encouraged to sign up for a 1:1 Discovery Consult.

Step 3: Candidate Selection & Enrolment

Qualifying candidates selected for Tracks 1-3 will be notified within 7 days of their consult. Confirmation of interest and enrolment in a respective track will be confirmed via payment of a deposit fee.

Our Certified Master Workplace Wellness Ambassadors are “agents of change” cultivating healthy employees and thriving work cultures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review our “Frequently Asked Questions” to learn all about our programs and certification requirements.

Is participation in an Info Session and Discovery Consult a requirement for program enrollment?

Yes. Interested individuals are asked to sign up for the Information Session list (i.e., via one of the Information Session sign-up links) to be notified of an upcoming session. Those interested in further exploring our Tracks/programs and being considered for enrollment will be asked to email to schedule a 30-minute 1:1 Discovery Consult following participation in an Information Session. 

If I register for a particular Track, can I enroll in one of the advanced Tracks/programs in a future offering?

Opportunities to enroll in an advanced Track/program will depend on both personal suitability and space availability. Candidates are encouraged to carefully explore and request the track that best aligns with their career interests/goals during or shortly following the Discovery Consult.

Is there a limited enrollment for each Track?

Yes. To provide in-depth training and coaching support to all our participants, enrollment is limited to 10 total participants in Tracks 1-2 and up to 20 in Track 3 each year through a “3 Step Enrollment Process” outlined in this overview page. 

Do you have a cancellation and refund policy?
Yes. Cancellation and refund terms for program deposits/payments are outlined in our Workplace Wellness COE Inc. Program Terms and Conditions and provided to selected candidates prior to registration.
How many hours per week will I need to commit to program studies, discussion posts, and the certification projects?

Not including webinar participation and group project work (i.e. Level 2) and depending on the program, participants are encouraged to dedicate an average of 4-6 hours per week on readings, online discussions and other program activities (i.e. coaching sessions in EWLP Internship).

Do Ambassadors receive additional training and support after each program?

Program graduates will be able to post their questions and development needs in our private Ambassador Facebook group for ongoing support by peers and program facilitator. Post program support including marketing strategies is also provided via offerings such as the Marketing Blueprint Webinar following each program.

Is participation in all the program webinars a requirement for program certification?
The webinars are an integral component of program learning and skill development. Each of the programs require a minimum participation in two of four webinars. (Note that the final Master Ambassador Program webinar is mandatory.) Participants are permitted to submit a 1-2 page summary from webinar replays for up to 2 missed webinars for certification purposes — excluding the final webinar in the Master Ambassador Program which involves group project presentations, one of the requirements for Master Ambassador certification.
When can I access the Lunch and Learn and Campaign Databases?

The [Level 1] Lunch and Learn and [Level 2] Wellness Campaign Databases are provided to program graduates upon full completion of the respective programs.

Do I need to recertify each year to keep my certification?

No. However, all our program graduates are expected to maintain/upgrade their professional development in workplace wellness through active involvement in our Ambassador Facebook group, Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence professional development offerings, and industry webinars and courses.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. We offer a payment plans as outlined in each of the program Tracks.

Every workplace wellness company should send their employees through this training!

I’m blown away by all the materials and training that comes with this program! Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence’s Workplace Wellness Ambassador Program should be implemented into all Health Promotion degree classes for anyone wanting to go into workplace wellness. I also think every workplace wellness company should send their employees through this training! I wish I would have had a program like this to go through years ago! (I have my BS and MS in Health Promotion Management.)

Courtney Benedict, MS, CHHC, CMWA

Whole Wellness for Life, LLC

Discover the transformational career opportunities that await you!

Track 3