[Level 2] Master Ambassador Program

Level 2

Master Ambassador Program Benefits & Opportunities

  • Advanced training for employment as a Workplace Wellness Coordinator, Consultant, Concierge, Program Trainer
  • Enhanced income opportunities and consultancy growth potential
  • Experiential, hands-on training and support in Workplace Wellness program assessment, design, delivery and evaluation
  • Opportunity to collaborate and learn with others through group wellness campaign projects
  • Progressive skill development in Workplace Wellness involving:
    » wellness committee leadership
    » assessments and analysis
    » program design and delivery
    » project planning & management
    » onsite and virtual presentations
    » communications and promotions
    » business development and marketing
  • Comprehensive Wellness Campaign Database to provide multi-dimensional wellness solutions
  • [Level 2] Marketing Blueprint Toolkit to position Master Ambassadors for advanced employment and/or consulting opportunities in Workplace Wellness
  • Post-program webinars and group support with Workplace Wellness program development and marketing

Level 2 Overview

  • The Master Ambassador Certification Program [Level 2] is a 10-week, fully facilitated, and virtually delivered program 
  • Advanced training and resources for Level 1 Certified Ambassadors
  • Master level workplace wellness skill development and tools, including: organizational wellness audits; wellness assessments; annual program planning; Wellness Committee leadership, Workplace Wellness Charters, campaign design/delivery; project planning and management; and virtual presentations
  • Four interactive training webinars
  • Archived Webinar Library featuring past workplace wellness presentations by industry leaders
  • Implementable toolkits and a Wellness Campaign Database of brandable, off-the-shelf Lunch and Learns and Campaigns from past Level 2 projects
  • [Level 2] Marketing Blueprint Toolkit (see below)
  • Master Ambassadors will have completed 20 weeks of workplace wellness training upon completion of both Levels 1 and 2 for professional development and continuing education credits

Level 2 Certification Requirements

  • Complete 6 modules during the 10-week program including discussion posts and peer feedback
  • Participate in a minimum of 2 of 4, two-hour interactive webinars led by program facilitators and industry guests. (Note: Webinar dates for all programs provided in Info Session/Discovery Consult. 1-2 page webinar report permitted for up to two missed webinars, excluding the mandatory final webinar involving group project presentations.)
  • Participate in a ‘Workplace Wellness Campaign’ Group Project developed virtually in small groups throughout the program
  • Participate in group campaign presentations during the final webinar. (Group projects are assessed by guest industry experts.)

Workplace Wellness Campaign Group Projects

[Level 2] Master Ambassador Program Modules

Click on each module title below for descriptions:

Module 1: Workplace Wellness Essentials

Week 1introduces the Workplace Wellness value proposition; a healthy workplace framework; flowchart and process overview for establishing and leading “employee-driven” Workplace Wellness programs that foster healthy, thriving workplaces.

Module 2: Assessment, Design & Implementation

Week 2 – provides processes and tools for organizational audits; wellness assessments and surveys; wellness policy creation; committee development; program budgeting; and program development and implementation.

Module 3: Workplace Wellness Campaigns

Week 3 – presents fundamentals of wellness campaigns and development protocols; campaign samples; kickoff event and wellness fair checklists; Lunch and Learn ideas, strategies, and templates.

Module 4: Communicating Workplace Wellness
Week 4 – provides strategies and templates for creating engaging, high-impact wellness posters, e-bulletins, emails, newsletters, and handouts; Workplace Wellness COE Workplace Wellness Communications Funnel; Communication Plan template; checklists for launching wellness campaigns; event promotion template and samples.
Module 5: Wellness Leadership Fundamentals

Week 5 – deep dives into strategies for fostering management and employee support for Workplace Wellness; protocols for creating and leading healthy work cultures; wellness leadership checklist; preparation of and templates for wellness proposals and business plans (also provided in Marketing Toolkit); wellness committee roles and responsibilities; self-directed wellness; cultivating workplace effectiveness and operational excellence.

Module 6: Wellness Program Evaluation & Sustainability

Week 6 – explores various evaluation processes, tools and templates; performance metrics; strategies for communicating evaluation results; and fostering wellness sustainability.

[Level 2] Master Ambassador
Wellness Campaign Database

Dynamic . Interactive . Engaging Campaigns

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