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Testimonials and Videos
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Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence’s Workplace Wellness Ambassador Certification Programs are activating agents of change around the world.

This is exactly the kind of in-depth training we need to turn around the tide of poor health and well-being.

I look forward to working with Workplace Wellness COE Inc. Ambassadors as they explore ways to apply concepts from Workplace Wellness That Works to start a movement, build a movement, and sustain a movement of well-being within their organizations.

Laura Putnam

Author of Workplace Wellness That Works
and CEO of Motion Infusion

Lisa, your program is the ‘gold standard’ for Workplace Wellness certification training… I will be referring people to your next class.
Jim Peterson, Ph.D.
Stressmaster International
I am part owner of a corporate wellness company and found the information and tools offered to be very valuable and helpful in expanding and improving my consulting services to clients.

The caliber of people it attracts is amazing and it has been so wonderful to be part of such a talented group of like-minded professionals who want to share and support you in your journey to success. This program is a terrific value and continues to give long after you have completed the course.

I’d recommend this program to anyone looking to raise the bar of health and wellness in their own consulting business or as a Workplace Wellness Ambassador within their place of employment.

Sabrina Gonder, CHHC, CMWA
Get Healthy With Sabrina, LLC
Every workplace wellness company should send their employees through this training!

I’m blown away by all the materials and training that comes with this program! Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence’s Workplace Wellness Ambassador Program should be implemented into all Health Promotion degree classes for anyone wanting to go into workplace wellness. I also think every workplace wellness company should send their employees through this training! I wish I would have had a program like this to go through years ago! (I have my BS and MS in Health Promotion Mgmt.)

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I’ve taken classes in health promotion and have even worked at several worksite wellness sites. However, I’ve never really had to go through the entire process of starting a workplace wellness program or campaign from scratch. None of the classes or trainings I have been through have really put everything together like this.

I feel the group certification project is essential because it challenges you to use what you learn from every module. Plus, you get to work in a group to come up with an original program and presentation as part of your certification. This is excellent preparation for what to expect in a true workplace environment because you will need to be ready to work with a Wellness Committee to make a program successful. I’m excited to take what I learned from this program and present a workplace wellness proposal to our HR Department where I work full-time. I’ve been putting it off for a long time because I never felt confident enough or even knew how to create a proposal. I now have the tools to do this!

Lisa Kelly’s dedication to all of her Ambassadors is amazing! She really wants everyone to be successful and goes above and beyond for all her Ambassadors. Thank you so much for putting this amazing program together, Lisa!! I can’t wait to go through your Certified Master Ambassador Program this Fall!

Courtney Benedict, MS, CHHC, CMWA
Whole Wellness for Life, LLC
Excellent course for the HR professional who is passionate about wellness!

Lisa’s WWAP course modules are designed to be accessible for seasoned coaches as well as us HR professionals just starting to get our feet wet. I took this course to add value to my skill set and I was surprised at the breadth of information covered! I learned how to encourage our workplace wellness culture and build relevant programming based on the needs and interests of our staff. Applying the knowledge from the modules to our group project allowed me to practice and get feedback from group members who are active, coaching professionals. Thank you, Lisa!

Ayla Davidson, CMWA
SSi Micro Ltd.
When I read through the description of Lisa Kelly’s Workplace Wellness Ambassador Certification program, I had a hunch it would be a program that would deliver. I was not disappointed.

Lisa Kelly, and her team of workplace wellness professionals, have structured an awesome, professional certification program that provides participants with more than just knowledge. Developing and delivering a workplace wellness campaign project with excellence is intense… challenging… and an invaluable experience. By working in a small group partnership, participants are challenged to leverage individual talent, skills, experience, and commitment as a team. Unlike most certification programs which are delivered in a classroom format, WWAP is a practicum designed to prepare future workplace wellness ambassadors of health to make a difference in corporate America. Bravo, Lisa!

Kat Maeda, CHHC, CMWA
Kat Maeda
Amazing and driven. That is how I describe Lisa Kelly.

Lisa delivers more! As I’ve grown my health coaching practice and gained experience over the last couple of years by offering group programs and providing 1:1 private coaching, I’ve known for awhile that adding workplace wellness to my menu of offerings would not only complement my business, it will provide me the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of more people. Having worked in corporate America for some 20 years, I wanted a certification program of high caliber that would provide me with the knowledge and tools necessary to open corporate doors and take me to the next level as a professional Health Coach and Workplace Wellness Ambassador.

Joel Hershfield
Workplace Wellness COE Associate
It was an honor being part of Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence’s Workplace Wellness Ambassador Certification Program.

I was very impressed with the level of detail put into the program. Lisa has a wealth of knowledge in workplace wellness and does an incredible job sharing her experience and resources with the Ambassadors. The program included everything from starting a wellness program, to the materials and planning involved in holding wellness events. It was like a ‘How to Guide from A-Z’ on Workplace Wellness programming.

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The skill development involved in the training is invaluable to anyone going into the Workplace Wellness field and even as someone with many years in the business. I took away many tools and tips to use in my current programming. The program also offers ongoing support to the new Ambassadors to help them as they build and enhance their careers and experience. Very valuable program for anyone that currently works in wellness or is looking to add to their resume.
Liz Jones Wellness
I have to say I am totally blown away by Lisa Kelly’s amazing Workplace Wellness Ambassador Programs.

As a graduate, I get access to any future workplace wellness campaigns and Lunch and Learns that are created. I just received the new graduate campaigns and am completely shocked; these are worth their price in gold alone! I have full programs to run with any corporation which would take endless amounts of time to create!

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I am amazed at how much I have received from going through this program and am grateful for the generosity that is shown to graduates with access to such priceless tools. Thank you to all those who just accomplished such success! Your work is incredible and 100% professional like you’ve been doing this your whole lives. You must have been taught well!!!
Shauna Cheney, CHWC, CWWA
Celestial Health Coaching
Premium training at amazing prices!

There are no other programs today that combine the content, industry expertise, interactive and experiential training, ongoing support and future opportunities as these programs or at these incredible prices.

Joan Dickason, CHHC, CMWA
Crossroads Nutrition, LLC
I am so thrilled to have been part of the Pilot Program for the Kelly Workplace Wellness Ambassador Certification Program.

The program exceeded my expectations. Lisa Kelly put her heart and soul into the program and supported us every step of the way. She created a wonderful team of advisors and Associates. The group project helped us to understand how to develop and market our own corporate wellness programs. The scope and breadth of the resources provided in the program are incredible – worth the cost of the program alone.

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The support continues once the program is completed. Access to the modules, templates, checklists, campaigns, newsletters and many customizable materials that we can brand for our own initiatives remains after program completion. I just completed the program and I have been asked to develop a 6 week campaign for a local business. I believe the opportunities are endless. I cannot recommend this program enough if you are contemplating corporate wellness or if you want more tools and information to grow your wellness practice!
Elizabeth Girouard, CHHC, CMWA
Pure Simple Wellness, LLC
“Wellness Ambassadors at Work”
Compliments of Kelly Number, CWWA
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Compliments of Sabrina Gonder, CMWA
Lisa Kelly with Marissa Needles, CMWA
Lisa Kelly with Stephanie Flanders Martin, CMWA
Lisa Kelly with Sabrina Gonder, CMWA
Lisa Kelly with Kimi Sokhi, CMWA (Dubai)
Jill Kane, CMWA

Gail Sauter, CMWA

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