Track 2

Master Ambassador “Advantage”

Master Ambassador “Advantage” [Track 2] is designed for wellness and corporate professionals interested in skills-based certification training for advanced workplace wellness opportunities including Workplace Wellness Leader, Concierge, consultant, and full service provider of comprehensive wellness programs such as our signature “Focus on Healthy Eating” Program (included in Track 2).

Kat Maeda, CMWA/WWCOE Associate
Employee Wellness Event

Track 2 is ideal for…


Health and wellness coaches, HR or OHS professionals, and Workplace Wellness professionals


Acquiring internationally recognized, gold standard certifications


Developing or enhancing skills in workplace wellness presentations; workshop and campaign facilitation, employee wellness training and development; virtual and onsite wellness program coordination planning, delivery and assessment


Accessing robust/DFY wellness toolkits and programs including Lunch and Learns, workshops, wellness campaigns, ergonomic/workplace safety tools, Wellness Buddies and Wellness Champion Programs


Building skills in online and onsite program development and facilitation – critical for hybrid work environments


Acquiring a strategic WW Marketing Blueprint and consuting support – including proposal templates and contract pricing guidelines for internal or independent workplace wellness positions or contracts


Developing a global network of workplace wellness professionals


Becoming a Certified “Focus on Healthy Eating” Program Facilitator


Future consideration/prioritization for WWCOE Certified Executive Wellness Coach and EWLP Program Facilitator programs [i.e. outside of Track 3 enrolment]

Track 2 includes:

Three Certifications:

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LinkedIn 4 Workplace Wellness Course

Track 2 program dates:


Ambassador Program [Level 1] – October 2023


Master Ambassador Program [Level 2] – January 2024


“Focus on Healthy Eating” Facilitator Program – April 2024

Track 2 Fees

 [Fees below may be subject to change.]

>> Single Payment <<

US/International: $1,997 USD 

Canada: $2,097 CAD

>> Payment Plan <<

US/International: $2,097 USD
($250 Dep Fee + $153.91/mo. x 12 mos.)

Canada: $2,197 CAD
($250 Dep Fee + $162.25/mo. x 12 mos.)

Note: Registration for Track 2 (i.e., Single Payment and Payment Plans) requires a $250 deposit to secure placement in the program up to 30 days before Level 1 commencement, after which fees are to be paid in full or via a payment plan as per the above. GST is included in CAD fees.

Kimi Sokhi, CMWA

Culture Creation, Employee Engagement & Learning Expert

WWCOE Master Ambassadors help transform lives!

Program Enrollment

The Details

Enrolment for Tracks 1-3 is via group Information Sessions and/or a 1:1 Discovery Consult.

Invitation to enroll in a respective track will be sent out within 7-10 days of the consult.

Recruitment and selection for Tracks 1-3 commencing October 2023 will begin May 2023.

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When I read through the description of Lisa Kelly’s Workplace Wellness Ambassador Certification program, I had a hunch it would be a program that would deliver. I was not disappointed.

Lisa Kelly, and her team of workplace wellness professionals, have structured an awesome professional certification program that provides participants with more than just knowledge. Developing and delivering a workplace wellness campaign project with excellence is intense… challenging… and an invaluable experience. By working in a small group partnership, participants are challenged to leverage individual talent, skills, experience, and commitment as a team. Unlike most certification programs which are delivered in a classroom format, WWAP is a practicum designed to prepare future workplace wellness ambassadors of health to make a difference in corporate America. Bravo, Lisa!

Kat Maeda, CHHC, CMWA

Kat Maeda

Amazing and driven. That is  how I describe Lisa Kelly.

Lisa delivers more! As I’ve grown my health coaching practice and gained experience over the last couple of years by offering group programs and providing 1:1 private coaching, I’ve known for awhile that adding workplace wellness to my menu of offerings would not only complement my business, it will provide me the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of more people. Having worked in corporate America for some 20 years, I wanted a certification program of high caliber that would provide me with the knowledge and tools necessary to open corporate doors and take me to the next level as a professional Health Coach and Workplace Wellness Ambassador.

Joel Hershfield

Workplace Wellness COE Associate

Premium training at amazing prices!

There are no other programs today that combine the content, industry expertise, interactive and experiential training, ongoing support and future opportunities as these programs or at these incredible prices.

Joan Dickason, CHHC, CMWA

Crossroads Nutrition, LLC

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