Track 3

Executive Wellness Coach & EWLP Facilitator

“Executive Wellness Coach and EWLP Facilitator [Track 3] is specifically designed for health coaches and wellness professionals seeking advanced certification training and career growth opportunities in workplace wellness and employee/executive coaching including: Lunch and Learn/workshop presenter, employee wellness coach, Workplace Wellness Concierge, consultant, internal/contract coordinator, “Focus on Healthy Eating” Program Facilitator, and Executive Wellness Coach and “Executive Wellness Leadership Program” Facilitator.

Melody Byblow, RHNTM, CMWA, CEWC
Holistic Wellness Advantage Inc.

Track 3 is ideal for…


Health and wellness coaches, HR or OHS professionals, and Workplace Wellness professionals


Acquiring gold standard certifications with global relevance


Developing or advancing skills in workplace wellness presentations, employee wellness training and development, virtual and onsite program coordination planning, delivery and assessment


Accessing robust/DFY wellness toolkits and programs including Lunch and Learns, Wellness Campaigns, ergonomic/workplace safety tools, Wellness Buddies and Wellness Champion Programs


Building skills in online and onsite program development and facilitation – critical for hybrid work environments


Acquiring a strategic WW Marketing Blueprint – including proposal templates and contract pricing guidelines for internal or independent workplace wellness positions or contracts


Developing a global network of workplace wellness professionals


Becoming a Certified “Focus on Healthy Eating” Program Facilitator

Advanced career and enhanced income opportunities as a WWCOE Certified Executive Wellness Coach

Track 3 includes:

Four Programs/Five Certifications:

 Explore our linked programs below.

5 Bonuses (3 below + 2 surprise bonuses): 

“LinkedIn 4 Workplace Wellness” Course


“Shifting to Well-Being” Retreat Program


Stressmaster International Associate (i.e., Stress Mastery Questionnaire, Stress Mastery Guide + workshop resources)

Track 3 program dates:


Ambassador Program [Level 1] – October 2023


Master Ambassador Program [Level 2] – January 2024


“Focus on Healthy Eating” Facilitator Program – 
April 2024 


EWLP Internship – Fall 2024  (Intern Orientation) and Winter 2025 (EWLP Program- Facilitation/Coaching by Interns)

Track 3 Fees

[ Option 1 ] 

>> Single Payment <<

US/International: $3,197 USD

Canada: $3,357 CAD

>> Payment Plan <<

US/International: $3,297 USD
($500 Dep Fee + $174.81/mo. x 16 mos.)

Canada: $3,457 CAD
($500 Dep Fee + $184.81/mo. x 16 mos.)

Note: Registration for Track 3 Single and Payment Plans requires a $250 deposit to secure placement in program up to 30 days prior to Level 1 commencement after which time fees are to be paid in full or via payment plan. GST included in CAD fees.

The posted fees for Track 3 (Option 1) may be subject to change.

Track 3 Fees

[ Option 2 ] 

>> Single Payment <<

US/International: $4,197 USD 

Canada: $4,407 CAD

>> Payment Plan <<

US/International: $4,297 USD
($500 Dep Fee + $237.31/mo. x 16 mos.)

Canada: $4,507 CAD
($500 Dep Fee + $250.43/mo. x 16 mos.)

Note: Option 2 includes a 6-month, fully implementable Executive Wellness Coaching Program.

Registration for Track 3 Single and Payment Plans requires a $250 deposit to secure placement in program up to 30 days prior to Level 1 commencement after which time fees are to be paid in full or via payment plan. GST included in CAD fees.

The posted fees for Track 3 (Option 2) may be subject to change.

Kelly Goodwin, CWWA

Number Ten Architectural Group

Program Enrollment

The Details

Enrollment for Tracks 1-3 is via group Information Sessions followed by a 1:1 Discovery Consult.

Invitation to enroll in a respective track will be sent out within 7-10 days of the consult.

Recruitment and selection for Tracks 1-3 commencing October 2023 will begin May 2023.

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What they’re saying…

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to participate in the EWLP Internship program to become a Certified Executive Wellness Coach and Program Facilitator.

As I am certified in several other Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence programs, I know that Lisa delivers high quality content and this program certainly delivered! The program contains an abundance of resource materials. Acquiring ‘real life’ experience working directly with C-Suite executives was absolutely priceless! It has given me the confidence and knowledge neessary to successfully coach executives and to facilitate the prgoram in the future! Many thanks, Lisa!

Gail Sauter, INHC, CMWA, CEWC
The Right Track Wellness

Over the past several years I have been fortunate to take a number of certifications with Lisa Kelly at the Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence.

Each program has layered on more knowledge and prepared me to work with clients at a new level. More recently I completed the “Executive Wellness Coaching Program”. Lisa always does an amazing job providing layers of well thought out tools that can be used with clients as well as group activities and exercises. After completing this program I’m excited about the opportunity to work with leaders at all levels. The tools and coaching, as well as professionals Lisa brings to the table, will allow you to leave with a toolkit so you can begin coaching day! Thanks Lisa! I’m so grateful for your help personally and professionally. Not only has Lisa been a great coach, but she quickly responds to questions as a mentor. 

Stephanie Flanders-Martin, INHC, CMWA, CEWC

Lavender Elephant Health and Wellness, LLC

The “Executive Wellness Leadership Program” Internship (and EWLP) offers a unique and powerful experience for Executive Wellness Coach trainees to connect with, train and coach human resources professionals and other workplace leaders.

As a participant in the EWLP, corporate leaders are able to gain the skills and competencies they need to become organizational wellness leaders while enhancing their own personal wellness goals and habits. As an Intern, I appreciated the opportunity to help my assigned coachee through initiating a Wellness Champion Program at her large organization while giving her tools to manage stress, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Jill Kane, CHC, CMWA, CEWC

Corporate Wellness Consultant and Founder, Jill Kane Wellness

I would highly recommend the Executive Wellness Leadership Internship!

Participating as an Intern in the EWLP Pilot was an amazing experience that exceeded  my expectations. As with all of the programs offered by WWCOE, Lisa developed a well thought out and carefully constructed course format with an extensive range of resources and take-away materials. The diverse group of participating executives and corporate leaders were exceptionally generous in sharing their ideas and best practices with each other and warmly welcomed and supported the Intern roles. The coaching practicum allowed me an opportunity to develop new coaching skills and the course itself provided me with insights into new areas of workplace wellbeing.

Sheena D. Pracyk, RN, CLNC, CHWC, CMWA, CEWC

Nurturing a Healthy Life

I have participated in several of Lisa Kelly’s workplace wellness programs.

The Executive Workplace Wellness Leadership Internship was the culmination of my continuing education. It served as an opportunity to further develop my skills as a facilitator and guide with corporate leaders by providing me with hands on executive coaching experiences. I look forward to using these skills as I promote my workpace wellness practice.

Ellen Weiss, CMWA, CEWC

Integrative Health Coach, WWCOE Certified Master Workplace Wellness Ambassador, WWCOE Certified Executive Wellness Coach

I am so thrilled to have been part of the Pilot for the Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence Ambassador Certification Program.

The program exceeded my expectations. Lisa Kelly put her heart and soul into the program and supported us every step of the way. She created a wonderful team of advisors and Associates. The group project helped us to understand how to develop and market our own corporate wellness programs. The scope and breadth of the resources provided in the program are incredible – worth the cost of the program alone.

Elizabeth Girouard, CHHC, CMWA

Pure Simple Wellness, LLC

It was an honor being part of the Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence’s Workplace Wellness Ambassador Certification Program.

I was very impressed with the level of detail put into the program. Lisa has a wealth of knowledge in workplace wellness and does an incredible job sharing her experience and resources with the Ambassadors. The proram included everything from starting a wellness program, to the materials and planning involved in  holding wellness events. It was like a ‘How to Guide from A-Z’ on Workplace Wellness programming.


Liz Jones Wellness

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