How might organizations “lead infectiously in the era of Big Problems?” This was the overarching question explored (and I geek out over) in my fascinating discussion with Dr. Larry McEvoy — an emergency room physician turned CEO turned author, thought leader, and leadership expert.

Building on his profile in our book, “Cultivating Healthy & Vibrant Workplaces,” we dive deeper into opportunities for leaders to leverage the multiplier effect of PLV and other drivers of cultural transformation.

Leadership questions, fundamentals, and models discussed:

  • Why should leaders think of epidemics as potentially positive?
  • Characteristics of epidemics that leaders and organizations might leverage.
  • Unleashing workforce potential and championing internal networks.
  • Embracing the ACE model of practice (i.e., Affirmation-Appreciation, Curiosity, and Empathy).
  • Advancing the multiplier effect of PLV (Performance, Learning, and Vitality) to effect cultural change.
  • Fostering Change Agents to inspire grassroots movements.

[Guest Bio] Larry McEvoy, MD

Ruvi Makuni

Ruvi Makuni is a Global Workplace Wellness Specialist and Certified Executive Wellness Coach from our four certification programs and a Stress Mastery Specialist. As a Workplace Wellness Concierge, she is passionate about supporting organizational well-being and empowering employees to thrive in their careers without sacrificing their health. To that end, she facilitates holistic and multi-dimensional wellness programs and initiatives in the workplace, both onsite and virtually.

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[Guest Bio] Christina Della Rocca

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