As you will discover in my revealing discussion with Lisa Elsinger, Associate Director of Workplace Wellness, Broward College, Workplace Wellness leaders can be instrumental in nurturing “Change Agents,” organizational alliances, and systemic transformation for healthy, inclusive, high-performing work cultures and thriving employees.

In Episode 9, we explored:

  • Lisa’s role as Wellness Director with Broward College.
  • What a typical month looks like for her and how her work has evolved.
  • Where the role of Workplace Wellness leaders might best reside.
  • The importance and function of Chief Well-being Officers.
  • Changes to organizational and employee well-being in recent years particularly from the pandemic.
  • Cultivating employee well-being and healthy workplaces via strategic, culture-building initiatives.
  • How leaders might “lead by example” to help nurture healthy, inclusive work cultures.

Learn more about Lisa’s perspectives, fascinating work, and achievements via our book Cultivating Healthy & Vibrant Workplaces.

[Guest Bio] Lisa Elsinger

Lisa Elsinger

Lisa Elsinger, PhD, leads the Live Well employee health and wellness program in the Talent and Culture department at Broward College. In reframing wellness as an integral component of a positive, thriving workplace culture, she promotes a holistic approach focusing on multiple domains of well-being. Lisa provides engaging educational and inspirational programming customized for departments and teams by request, along with ergonomic workstation assessments, mindfulness, and guided meditation, collaborates with student service groups to promote mental health programming, and serves as lead in several organizational teams. She is a group fitness and yoga teacher at LA Fitness, facilitator of group sessions through the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, and creator of personal and professional development courses. Having moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL, from Wisconsin, Lisa is devoted to seaside sunrises and the beauty of the tropical environment.

You can learn more about and connect with Lisa and Broward College via:

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