In Episode 14, Marc Michaelson, Founder of “LEAD LIFE FIRST” and arguably the Godfather of Workplace Well-being, illuminates five transformative shifts for navigating the future of Workplace Wellness, among other timely topics.

Our forward-looking conversation offers a strategic blueprint for leaders of all levels and disciplines, especially Workplace Wellness and HR professionals and Executive Coaches.

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In Episode 14, we discuss:

  • “Five Transformative Shifts” we need to embrace to cultivate healthy, high-performing organizations.
  • Marc’s “LEAD LIFE FIRST” model for personal, team, and organizational well-being.
  • Why the Workplace Wellness leader role is more than a “back office function.”
  • How Workplace Wellness and HR leaders can become “Strategic Business Advisers” to senior leadership.
  • Marc’s “Memo of Promise” to Workplace Wellness leaders.
  • Breaking down siloes to ensure Workplace Wellness is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Critical pain points executives are experiencing today on a personal and professional level.
  • Ways in which executives can elevate well-being as a cultural pillar.
  • Approaches for effectively “showing up” to those we lead and coach.
  • Skills People leaders and coaches should be honing today.

[Guest Bio] Marc Michaelson

Marc Michaelson is a distinguished professional with a remarkable career spanning over four decades in the realm of human and organizational development.

He was one of the original founders of the Workplace Wellness movement in 1978, pioneering a new approach to wellness and well-being that has transcended conventional boundaries over the past four decades.

In a landscape characterized by a constant evolution in wellness, organizational development, leadership, and management, Marc’s dedication to lifelong learning keeps him at the forefront of trends and innovations.

His foresight led to the introduction of the groundbreaking concept of Intergenerational Intelligence (IGQ) in 2019, redefining cross-generational communication and fostering collaborative environments enriched by diverse perspectives, mutual mentoring, and support for intergenerational well-being education.

Among Marc’s many influential programs is the D3 Leadership Learning program, which integrates total life well-being with leadership principles and strategies for leadership development. With this fusion of skills, leaders gain a balanced foundation for success on both a personal and professional level.

His forthcoming book, “The Art of Pivoting To Generative Purpose: Navigating Meaning and Well-Being in an Era of Longevity,” set to be released in Spring 2024, promises to guide individuals on a transformative journey toward embracing generative purpose and well-being in the face of extended lifespans.

Collaborating with Marc Michaelson means embarking on a journey that explores the integration and alignment of total life planning, well-being, and success for a lifetime.

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