Episode 15 offers a fascinating look into the role of Corporate Chaplains and the nexus of Corporate Chaplaincy and Spirituality in the Workplace.

Our guest, Cyril Gowler, shares how his work as a Corporate Chaplain helps enhance workplace relationships and offers much-needed emotional and spiritual support to employees in these challenging times.

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Here is an overview of some of the many topics we discussed relating to his important work:

  • The role and day in the life of a Corporate Chaplain.
  • Cyril’s role and efforts in promoting and facilitating “Trauma Informed Care.”
  • Common misconceptions about Corporate chaplains.
  • How Chaplains help support employee well-being, work satisfaction, engagement, and performance.
  • The benefits of this role in supporting employees experiencing personal challenges and crises.
  • Ways in which Corporate Chaplains create a safe and inclusive space for employees to explore and express their spirituality.
  • The impacts of loneliness today in the workplace and how his role is helping to address such.

[Guest Bio] Cyril Gowler

Cyril Gowler is a Corporate Chaplain with All Weather Windows and an on-call Chaplain with the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Police Service.

He is one of four district chaplains with the RCMP K Division and a member of the Canadian Police Chaplains Association.

He serves as a Board Member of the Edmonton Community Chaplaincy Association, the Association of Alliance Chaplains (Canada), and the Christian & Missionary Alliance. He also officiates weddings and offers marriage counseling. 

His specialties include the “Prepare and Enrich Canada” evaluation process for pre-marital and marital counseling. He has been certified to administer this evaluation for about 23 years and has had excellent results.

Learn more about and connect with Cyril via LinkedIn

[LinkedIn] linkedin.com/in/cyril-gowler-1a867913/

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