In Episode 16, we explore the power of leading through storytelling.

Our guest, Karuna Ramanathan, has an established track record in supporting senior leaders and organizations through difficult transformations, increasingly in middle manager execution challenges, and in values, people, and culture change.

Following two tours as a naval warship captain, Karuna went on to lead and architect leadership transformation and systems-level change in the Center for Leadership Development (2004-2014) as its Deputy Head.

Karuna is currently the Principal Consultant for KR Konsulting (KRK), based in Singapore.

He created the “251 Storytelling Model for Leaders”, adopted by UNICEF in 2013, and was featured as one of the “Top 10 Organisation Development Consultants 2023” by the Asia Business Outlook.

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Episode 16 illuminates:

  • Why Storytelling is a critical skill for leaders to hone.
  • Specific techniques to structure and deliver compelling stories to inspire and influence.
  • How storytelling helps cultivate a common sense of purpose, shared vision, and motivation.
  • Common pitfalls or mistakes leaders should be mindful of when storytelling.
  • Striking a balance between vulnerability, transparency, and confidentiality in storytelling.

[Guest Bio] Karuna Ramanathan

Karuna Ramanathan

Learn more about Karuna and connect with him via his LinkedIn profile.


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