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Anita Duwel, B. Ed., Love the Life you Live!

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Montreal, QC, Canada, Canada

Anita is a graduate of the Nutraphoria School of Holistic Nutrition and is a certified Workplace Wellness Master Ambassador from Lisa Kelly's Workplace Wellness, Centre of Excellence.  Anita is also a certified Focus on Healthy Eating and Mindful Living Facilitator and has certificates in Detoxing, Aging, and Weight Control.

With 30 years of experience in the education field, Anita loves to give workshops, do presentations, host fun challenges, run programs, and support and motivate others. She is dynamic and engaging in all that she does! Anita is a firm believer that in order to live a life of quality and vitality, you need to ensure that all aspects of your wellbeing are in balance--body, mind, and soul. And, in order to do this, Anita works with you to help you understand the impact of nutrition, movement, mindfulness, and gratitude on your lifestyle.

She will inspire, support, and empower you to take the steps needed to create a lifestyle of health and wellbeing; understanding that it is not an all or nothing journey! Anita's goal is to ensure your success by incorporating strategies one step at a time so that they become engrained into your way of life.

Anita enjoys working with and helping organizations to have a healthy and engaged workforce.  Can you imagine how dynamic the workplace can be should the employees get the support they need to feel energized and healthier? There would be less stress, better focus, more energy, less absenteeism, and more cohesiveness amongst the team!

Anita's toolbox includes:

  • Focus on Healthy Eating and Mindful Living 6 or 12 week program
  • Engaging Lunch and Learns, challenges, workshops, and presentations
  • Workplace Wellness Consulting and Team building
  • Detoxing, weight loss and anti-aging programs
  • Private and group coaching (online or in person)
  • Lots of amazing resources
  • And last but not least, a passionate facilitator/coach!
Contact Information
Phone: 514-713-9220