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Sandi Danilowitz, (BA Spec. Hon) Kinesiology, The Health Engine, Inc.

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Toronto, ON, Canada, Canada M6H 1X7

Sandi Danilowitz is the founder and CEO of The Health Engine Inc., a Canadian based wellness and productivity solution for organizations who understand that their people are their most important asset.

Sandi holds a BA, (Spec Hon) in Kinesiology and Health Sciences, is a Level 2 Master Coach with Precision Nutrition and is a "Focus On Healthy Eating Program" Certified Facilitator.

For almost two decades Sandi has taken her expertise as an ergonomist, educator and nutrition coach and helped thousands of people increase their mobility and health. She has been instrumental in helping to enhance productivity as evidenced through observation and refinement of positive habit building in the workplace and in employees' personal lives.

As an innovator, Sandi has led the vision using enabling technology for the development of The Health Engine Online, a 24/7 easy to access portal that employees can access and self-direct their own 12 week wellness journey while feeling supported by their organization with relevant information, exercises and top tier research to maximize results and build confidence.

As an experienced speaker and educator, Sandi brings a warmth and humour to every audience she engages with.

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Phone: 647-201-1835