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Susan Bray, MS, PT, FAFS, BCSI, FRC, FGS, Performance Enhancement, Inc.

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Foothill Ranch, California, USA 92610

Susan Bray's practice, Performance Enhancement, a physical therapy, sports performance and wellness practice, promises to advance your fitness, wellness and functional goals and launch you to the next level!

Through engaging in a holistic, whole body, integrative treatment regime, you will unleash your body's highest potential! You will engage in comprehensive mind-body-spirit approach to wellness on your journey to better health and healing. Susan's practice is a very non-traditional physical therapy and movement practice for all ages and activities. You will be supported, through a personalized approach to the rehabilitation of your injuries, your training, your injury prevention and your wellness programs. Susan collaborates with a variety of professional, holistic, health care practitioners to meet all of your health care needs and to provide you with a broad spectrum of health and wellness expertise.

Her work utilizes a unique and customized 'hands-on' approach that addresses the 'root cause' of your physical limitations to ultimately increase your functional capacity, versus simply treating symptoms. This unique approach promotes long term treatment carryover and ultimately empowers you to independently manage your health and wellness. Susan has extensive post graduate training in three dimensional functional movement, anatomy, biomechanics and structural integration soft tissue therapy techniques with some world renowned mentors/teachers.

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Phone: 714-401-9150