March is National Nutrition Month. There is an old expression that we are what we eat. It is also true that we eat what is easy… easy to get, easy to prepare, etc. This is the reasoning behind a building movement within worksite wellness to make the healthiest choice the easiest choice. Then add price to these. It is generally accepted that to eat healthy costs more. So the more money the employee spends on food, the less money there is to spend elsewhere or on something else.

A recent nationwide survey of nearly 1,100 full-time professionals across more than a dozen different industries by Seamless, a food service vendor caught my attention and revealed the following:

1. Employee Satisfaction
While a majority (60%) of employees say they are satisfied with their current employment situation, 69% feel that more perks – including gym memberships (40%), stock options (22%) and food perks (20%) – would have a direct positive impact on their job satisfaction.

2. Recruiting Advantage
Nearly half of the respondents note that the availability of free lunch would strongly influence their decision to accept a job offer.

3. A Pat on the Back
Sixty percent report that having more food at the office would make them feel more valued and appreciated by their employer.

4. Team Building
More than 60% of respondents agree that company-provided lunches would encourage them to eat with their colleagues, fostering more internal collaboration.

5. Motivation and Productivity
One-third of the employees surveyed divulge that it takes food to make them show up to optional meetings, and another 20% admit to making their decision after knowing what’s on the menu.

6. Client Camaraderie
Forty-three percent of employees say sharing food or a meal with clients helps foster a better working relationship. Food also tops the list in terms of the best client gifts, with 41% noting that food is the very best option for corporate gifts.

7. Time to Spare
More than half of employees say they would spend less time away from work if food were available. Half of the respondents (51%) report spending more than 10 minutes per day picking up lunch or other food outside the office.

8. Healthy Choices
More than half of employees also say having food perks in the workplace would help them eat healthier.

9. Peace of Mind
Nearly half of respondents feel that more food perks in the workplace would make them more satisfied with their employer, in turn reducing 40% of respondents’ personal stress. While it may not be possible for any one employer to achieve all nine, how many might it be possible for you to achieve?

wiliam-mcpeckWilliam McPeck, MSW, CWWPC, WLCP

Bill McPeck is a Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence, Inc. Associate. Bill is a Certified Wellness Culture Coach, Worksite Wellness Program Consultant and Work-Life Professional. He is available to help you with all your employee wellness, safety, work-life and well-being needs. Contact Bill with your questions, comments, or concerns at 207-355-1203 or