Welcome to Episode 1 [Part 2] of the “Cultivating Healthy and Vibrant Workplaces” Podcast featuring a panel interview of three highly accomplished Workplace Wellness leaders, Ryan Wolf of Gallup, Philippa Dawood of Scarborough Health Network, and Jesse Gavin of Baylor College of Medicine.

In this 3-part episode, we discuss whether a reset is needed on some level for Workplace Wellness to meet the evolving needs of our employees and organizations attributable in part to the pressures and challenges imposed by the pandemic. Segments 1-3 offer a plethora of inspiring, thought-provoking, tactical considerations and strategies to amplify employee and organizational well-being in this dynamic, hybrid work environment.

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In Part 2, we discuss the following:

  1. If you had a crystal ball, what do you believe you would see for the future of Workplace Wellness?
  2. How do you see wellness programs developing as we emerge from the pandemic?
  3. What metrics do you feel are most important when measuring and evaluating a wellness program?
  4. What skills and competencies might be required of Workplace Wellness leaders in the future?
  5. How do you (or might you) connect to the “hearts and minds” of leadership to advance their support in nurturing healthy work cultures?

Introducing Episode 1 (Part 2) Guests

Ryan Wolf is the Workplace Wellness Lead for Gallup. Through an inclusive leadership approach, Ryan leads Gallup’s health and well-being initiatives through partnerships with their research team, business channels, benefits department, consulting practice, and external medical and Wellness partners. You can connect with Ryan via his LinkedIn profile.

Jesse Gavin is the Wellness Director of Baylor College of Medicine (BCM). Through Jesse’s leadership and passion for wellness and the collective efforts of their wellness team, Champions, and others, BCM’s commitment to employee well-being has been recognized over the years via numerous industry awards. You can connect with Jesse via his LinkedIn profile

Philippa Dawood is the Wellness Coordinator of Scarborough Health Network (SHN). As SHN’s Wellness Coordinator, Philippa commits to supporting and promoting a healthy workplace by taking a transformational leadership approach. You can connect with Philippa via her LinkedIn profile.

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