Health and Wellness Professionals

Health & Wellness Professionals

Our certification programs are designed to enrich and strengthen the skills of Certified Health Coaches, Nutritionists, Fitness Trainers,  and Wellness Consultants.

Professional Benefits:

  • Career-advancing opportunities as a Workplace Wellness coordinator, coach, consultant, trainer, or presenter
  • Business growth as a Workplace Wellness consultant/coach with employers, post-secondary institutes, and community organizations
  • Skills-based Workplace Wellness training in: program assessment, planning and development; communications and promotions; onsite presentations and virtual webinar delivery; project leadership, and much more
  • Comprehensive Toolkits: brandable, off-the-shelf Lunch and Learns, Wellness Campaigns and workshops, Focus on Healthy Eating Program (for delivery by Certified Health Coaches), tip sheets, wellness publications, etc.
  • Master Ambassador Marketing Toolkit: brandable brochures, rack card, bio templates, proposal template, resume templates, marketing/pricing strategies, and Mastermind sessions
  • Training and workshop resources for the development of Workplace Wellness Buddies and Wellness Champions
  • Introductory training in Ergonomics and Workplace Safety for cultivating safe work practices with employees
  • Results-oriented solutions to help reduce workplace injuries, absenteeism, and health benefit costs
  • Daily reinforcement and motivation to stay committed to one's own health and wellness goals
  • Ongoing professional development opportunities in Workplace Wellness development, coaching, and consulting
  • Skill development in working with community wellness providers and vendors
  • Global networking and peer learning opportunities with other Workplace Wellness mentors, coordinators, consultants, and coaches
  • Opportunity to become part of a growing movement in the development of healthy, vibrant work cultures

Change agents making a difference!

Corporate Benefits:

  • Cost-effective training solutions for cultivating healthy, thriving organizations
  • Inclusive development of engaged work cultures
  • Enhanced employee morale, job satisfaction, and teamwork
  • Increased commitment, productivity, and employee retention
  • Ergonomic and safe work practices for reduced worksite injuries
  • Potential for decreased workplace absenteeism, presenteeism, and health benefit costs
  • Positioning as Employer of Choice in the race for top talent
  • Industry recognition and advancement through healthy workplace awards

Cultivating healthy work cultures is a strategic imperative for business growth.