Episode 10 of Cultivating Healthy & Vibrant Workplaces kicks off our special “Executive Wellness & Stress Mastery” Series with a return guest, Ruvi Makuni, a Certified Executive Wellness Coach from our Track 3 certification programs.

This episode will particularly interest executives, senior leaders, HR and Benefits professionals, Workplace Wellness leaders, and those considering becoming a “Certified Executive Wellness Coach” through our Track 3.

Throughout our thought-provoking and tactical discussion, we share perspectives and experiences relating to:

  • Contributing factors that suggest leaders are experiencing burnout.
  • Benefits and impacts of Executive Wellness Coaching to senior leaders, employees, organizational well-being, and healthy work cultures.
  • The ROI of Executive Wellness Coaching.
  • Our personal experiences as Executive Wellness Coaches in supporting all aspects of executive well-being.

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[Guest Bio] Ruvi Makuni

Ruvi Makuni

Ruvi Makuni is a Global Workplace Wellness Specialist and Certified Executive Wellness Coach from our four certification programs and a Stress Mastery Specialist. As a Workplace Wellness Concierge, she is passionate about supporting organizational well-being and empowering employees to thrive in their careers without sacrificing their health. To that end, she facilitates holistic and multi-dimensional wellness programs and initiatives in the workplace, both onsite and virtually.

Connect with Ruvi:

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/ruvimakuni

Also, check out a prior CHVW interview with Ruvi on the topic of WORKPLACE WELLNESS CONCIERGES: Supporting the Well-being of Small to Mid-size Employers

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