Become a certified, highly skilled mindful eating and mindful living program facilitator and coach!

Develop the specific skills employers are seeking today from wellness professionals to foster healthy employees/teams and thriving hybrid work environments!



Plus, acquire a completely done-for-you 6 or 12-week mindful eating program to add to your Workplace Wellness and health coaching program toolkits.

Health Coaches, Workplace Wellness Professionals and Wellness Enthusiasts!

Transform lives and take your career to the next level as a …

“Focus on Healthy Eating Program” Certified Facilitator


Join our team of FOHE Facilitators dedicated to the development of personal well-being and healthy, vibrant, high-performing hybrid and onsite workplaces!

This is the perfect certification program for you, if you are ready to…

  • acquire a comprehensive, 6 and 12 week DFY healthy eating program for facilitating workplace wellness &/or health coaching programs to inspire and foster mindful eating and healthy living
  • cultivate a thriving career and foster healthy organizations as a certified “mindful eating – mindful living” program facilitator 
  • join our global team of passionate, heart-centered, and dedicated wellness professionals 
  • receive endless training and support to ignite your career, skills, or business as a workplace wellness professional or wellness coach 
  • begin your training to become a “Certified Executive Wellness Coach” (i.e., pre-requisite for our [Track 3] EWLP Internship)

The “Focus on Healthy Eating” Certified Facilitator Program will be of particular interest to…

  • Wellness enthusiasts and mindful living advocates
  • Health coaches and wellness practitioners
  • Workplace Wellness coordinators and consultants
  • Human Resource and People Operations Specialists
  • Occupational Health and Safety Specialists and OH&S Nurses
  • WWCOE Certified Workplace Wellness Ambassadors/Master Ambassadors

Healthy Individuals = Thriving Communities

Become a vital member of our global team that is inspiring and cultivating mindful, healthy living within workplaces and  communities!

One of the most impactful ways to foster and support individual health and well-being is through mindful eating – mindful living programs, such as our Focus on Healthy Eating Program (FOHE), a dynamic wellness program co-created by over 20 leading, international health coaches/WWCOE Certified Master Workplace Wellness Ambassadors.

As a “Focus on Healthy Eating Program” Certified Facilitator, you have the opportunity to:

  • provide wellness guidance, support, and accountability to exhausted, stressed, and demotivated individuals
  • enhance health, well-being, energy, and joy in the lives of others
  • help stressed out, underperforming employees and organizations become more focused, productive, and results-oriented
  • provide employers with the gift of giving back to their staff


  • become a highly skilled, in-demand “mindful eating – mindful living” program facilitator
  • develop or enhance online/onsite program facilitation and coaching skills
  • earn a purpose-driven income doing the work you love

As wellness enthusiasts, we all know…

the pathway to a healthy, vibrant life is not found in restrictive diets and deprivation.

Rather, it is cultivated through mindful, purpose-driven living, and healthy, positive relationships with the  foods we consume and our eating habits.

The “Focus on Healthy Eating Program” empowers individuals to address the root cause of their eating and weight management challenges and helps them claim their health & well-being through participant-centric training and coaching!

“Focus on Healthy Eating Program” UP CLOSE

Participants of YOUR Focus on Healthy Eating Programs :

  • Cultivate moderate and balanced eating habits so they feel physically/ emotionally satisfied and energized after eating
  • Develop awareness of the “mind-body connection” between their food choices and their mood, energy, and overall well-being
  • Learn how to replace unhealthy eating habits with mindful eating, healthy living practices
  • Develop strategies to end the battle with emotional and stress-related eating
  • Exchange anxieties with food for a healthier relationship with what they eat
  • Break free from restrictive diets that leave them nutritionally depleted, hungry, and dissatisfied
  • Practice stress-reduction, relaxation, and self-awareness techniques
  • Restore their energy, achieve vibrant health, and cultivate inner well-being
  • Optimize their focus and performance in their work

The Focus on Healthy Eating Program is a wonderful journey into mindful, healthy eating…

“ …it is more than that though as it also explores fitness/exercise and meditation. It is based on healthy habits. The program teaches you how to think, shop, cook and eat healthy. The private group was a fantastic support feature where everyone on the program shares their journey, stories and findings. Gail and Jill (our FOHE facilitators) were caring, friendly, passionate, educated, knowledgeable and professional throughout the program. It is definitely a great way to get on track with healthy eating habits that are sustainable for life giving oneself a very healthy eating and living lifestyle.”

K.P. , Program Participant


Participants of YOUR “Focus on Healthy Eating Programs” will receive and benefit from:

Dynamic Training

  • 6 or 12-week onsite or online group programs
  • 6 live webinars or onsite presentations
  • Online learning communities
  • Interactive group discussions and activities
  • Weekly “Take Action” Activities

Comprehensive Modules & Toolkits

  • 6 Program Modules 
  • 6 Module Toolkits
  • Inspirational handouts/resources
  • FOHE Wellness Wheel
  • Healthy Lifestyle Questionnaire
  • “90 Day” Take Action Planner
  • FOHE “Food and Mood Journal”
  • Whole Foods Meal Planner and Grocery Guide
  • FOHE Recipe eBook + 2 Menu Guides
  • Participant program certificate of completion

Extensive Coaching Support

  • Weekly coaching and motivational support by program facilitator(s) and fellow participants
  • Weekly emails/online posts of mindful eating and mindful living tips/tools
  • Dynamic discussion and “Take Action” Activities during and between sessions
  • Skill-building worksheets – Healthy Lifestyle Assessments, Goal setting “Action Planner”, Food and Wellness journals, and much more
  • Online community for participant sharing and support (when provided)
  • “Laser Health Coaching” Sessions (optional offering by Certified Health Coaches)

Life-enhancing “Non-Scale Victories”!

“The Focus on Healthy Eating Program is a 12-week trail-blazing journey based on mindful and healthy eating and mindful living strategies. It emphasizes the power of gaining awareness, trusting and honoring your body, and making small changes that lead to big results. The supportive group environment helped participants experience many “non-scale” victories including how to make quality nutrition a priority even with a demanding, changing schedule and creating a stronger connection between feelings and food. Several months post program, one of our participants shared that she feels so much healthier with her 25-pound weight loss achieved from the FOHE healthy living strategies…a nice side benefit to her main goal of learning how to improve her eating habits and overall well-being.”

Jill Kane, Certified Health Coach, CMWA, CEWC

“Focus on Healthy Eating Program” Certified Facilitator


Join our global team of …“Focus on Healthy Eating Program” Certified Facilitators

As a “Focus on Healthy Eating Program” Certified Facilitator…

you will possess the most comprehensive resources, tools, and activities to

educate, inspire, and empower!

What makes the “Focus on Healthy Eating” Program and FOHE Facilitator Certification training stand above other wellness programs or certifications?

The FOHE Program is a highly-adaptable, resource-rich program that offers multiple delivery models to meet the dynamic needs of hybrid work environments.

FOHE Facilitator trainees receive expert training, coaching and tools in “Laser Coaching” Techniques to enhance their skills, FOHE programs and 1:1 coaching services. 

PLUS, the FOHE Facilitator Certification offers foundational, pre-requisite training to become a WWCOE “Certified Executive Wellness Coach” [TRACK 3].

 This “12-in-one” program may be structured and facilitated as either a 6 or 12-week offering for…

  • Onsite or online mindful eating/workplace wellness programs
  • “Blended” workplace/community/client group programs (i.e. onsite and online instruction/support)
  • Onsite or virtual group health coaching programs
  • In-person “one-on-one” health coaching
  • Virtual “one-on-one” health coaching
  • Community group programs

This dynamic, versatile program will set you apart in both the health coaching and workplace wellness market AND equip you to meet the unique needs of employers, employees, health coaching clients, community organizations, health clinics, etc.

As a “Focus on Healthy Eating Program” Certified Facilitator, you will become aligned with an international certification program provider, and be positioned as a highly marketable and in-demand wellness professional. 

Interactive Training – Resources – Support

Comprehensive Modules & Toolkits

Interactive Onsite & Online Programs

Weekly Online Support

“Take Action” Activities

Focus Recipe Book

And much more!

Say goodbye to the long hours of creating your own modules, handouts, presentations, and marketing materials!

High Impact and Engaging Resources

Mindful eating and well-being strategies for abundant living!

Changing relationships with food!

“FOHE is a comprehensive program that allows participants to look at food and eating in a new way and begin to change their relationship with food. It is not a diet, rather a unique way of considering healthy eating. One participant was able to reverse her type 2 diabetes with this life-enhancing program.”

Sabrina Gonder, CHHC, CMWA”

Focus on Healthy Eating Program” Certified Facilitator

As a “Focus on Healthy Eating Program” Facilitator, you will also receive done-for-you HIGH-IMPACT, HIGH-CONVERTING promotional resources to professionally market yourself to employers, health clinics, and clients!

Focus on Healthy Eating “Marketing Toolkit”

This “done-for-you” Marketing Toolkit includes:

  • 7-Day Promotional Campaign Outline to prepare an email campaign for employees/client prospects with designated/sharable “Focus on Healthy Eating” Program resources
  • Promotional Webinar: “FOCUS on your Best Self!” [Includes a participant eWorkbook]
  • FOHE Facilitator Directory profile to increase and improve your visibility
  • Employer/client brochures and sales page templates 
  • Email/letter templates to create program awareness and announce rollouts
  • FOHE Website Copy and promotional video copy
  • Social Media Posts & Images to grow your social following and website traffic

Plus, you’ll also receive:

  • FOHE Program “Launch & Marketing Checklist”
  • FOHE Program “Pricing Guides”


Sales Pages

FOHE Promotional Webinaror Introductory Lunch and Learn

Optional Workbook(fees applied)

The program’s focus on “Eating for Life” is very positive…

“… and not counting calories or even stepping on a scale every week is very positive. I am staying away from the chips and being much more conscious of portion sizing, especially when eating out …I take a moment before I eat to ask, ‘am I hungry or is it something else?’ …This is a process, not a diet and the learning continues! Also, the mindfulness about grocery shopping and connecting mood with particular eating habits was helpful as was a suggestion that I LOOK at what other grocery shoppers are putting into their baskets. Yikes! I’ve been rather horrified.”

S.W., Program Participant

HOW DO I BECOME a “Focus on Healthy Eating” Program” Certified Facilitator?

The FOHE Certified Facilitator Program is offered once a year via a scheduled, instructor-led, highly interactive 8-week training program. 

Explore our FOHE Facilitator Program Overview and certification details below

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about our upcoming program… 

If you are ready to transform your career, improve the lives of others, and become part of a global team of wellness facilitators  

FOHE Facilitator Training Program Overview


Complete Module Discussion Activities 

FOHE Facilitator trainees are provided 6 Program Modules and facilitator resources via the Ruzuku elearning platform. 

Facilitator trainees are to complete a minimum of 2 of 4 discussion activities for each of the 6 modules within assigned weeks and offer feedback on peer trainee responses per each of the module discussions.


Review Program Training Video Presentations

FOHE Facilitator trainees are to review 4 program training video presentations provided in the Ruzuku platform.

Trainees may post questions/answers for facilitator/peer support upon review of each of these recorded training presentations. 

Facilitator trainees/graduates receive ongoing coaching and peer support both during and post program via Ruzuku discussion forums and the FOHE Facilitator Facebook group (i.e. Certified facilitators are admitted to FOHE Facebook group upon program completion).


Participate in Skill-Building Webinars 

Facilitator trainees are to participate in a minimum of 2 of 4 – two hour live/interactive, skill-building webinars. Participation in all webinars however is most encouraged for optimal learning and skill-building.

A 1-2 page summary report is required/will be accepted for up to two missed webinars to meet certification requirements.

The first hour of the training webinars will model the delivery of  program sessions/webinars to provide training in onsite/online facilitation strategies and to help FOHE Facilitator trainees prepare for Skill Building Assignment #1 (as outlined below).

Marketing strategies and FOHE Marketing Toolkit will be reviewed in the final training webinar to hit-the-ground running upon program completion. 

The second hour of the webinars will involve Motivational Interviewing and Laser Coaching training and peer role plays to help trainees prepare for Skill Building Assignment #2 (as outlined below). 


Prepare Skill-Building Assignments 

FOHE Facilitator trainees are to prepare and submit two (2) skill-building assignments by the completion of the program.

Skill-Building Assignment #1

Prepare, video record, and submit a 30-45 minute FOHE module webinar presentation customized from one of the program’s 6 module PowerPoint presentations and corresponding handouts. 

This assignment may be presented/recorded independently or with another FOHE Facilitator trainee, client, etc.

Skill-Building Assignment #2

Prepare, video record, and submit a 30-45 minute FOHE Assessment and Goal Setting Session role play with another FOHE Facilitator trainee serving the role of a FOHE participant. (Role play may also be done with a friend, family member, client or colleague, etc.). 

Additional details and instructions are provided in the program for both assignments. 

FOHE Certification Summary


To become a “Focus on Healthy Eating Program” Certified Facilitator, trainees are to complete the following requirements within the scheduled 8-week training program. 

1) Complete module discussion activities and participate in peer feedback.

2) Review 4 program training video presentations.

3) Participate in a minimum of 2 of 4 skill-building webinars or submit summaries for up to two of the missed webinars.

4) Prepare and submit 2 skill-building assignments.


Hear what our “Focus on Healthy Eating Program” FACILITATORS have to say:

One of the most comprehensive programs available!

“It was a wonderful experience working with Workplace Wellness COE Inc. on the development and execution of the “Focus on Healthy Eating” Program. I was very impressed by the quality and professionalism of the materials. I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside a highly skilled team of health and wellness professionals who supported each other to deliver one of the most comprehensive programs available. Thank you Workplace Wellness COE!”

Kathleen Blackmore, CHHC, CMWA

Stephanie Flanders-Martin, CHHC, CMWA

“Focus on Healthy Eating Program” Certified Facilitators

DFY Resources & Presentations in one platform!

“Lisa Kelly’s “Focus on Healthy Eating” Program is very well put-together. As a wellness professional, working with Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence and becoming a Certified Facilitator for the “Focus on Healthy Eating” Program is awesome. Having access to professional looking materials and done-for-you presentations all in one organized platform takes so much of the behind the scenes work out of bringing a professional program to corporate clients.”

Liz Jones, MAOL, CPT, RYT, Nutritional Therapist, CMWA

“Focus on Healthy Eating Program” Certified Facilitator

Hear what “Focus on Healthy Eating” PARTICIPANTS have to say:

[FOHE Facilitator Sabrina Gonder interviewing program participant Peggy Beaudry]

I have lost weight and am not depriving myself!

“I have lost 13.9 pounds and love how I am not starving or depriving myself. Mentally and emotionally I am so well balanced. I am exercising 2 times a week. I have been overweight and tried many plans. This weight loss is a small piece of victory for my lifestyle changes. [2 month’s post-program] “Happy Dance! I haven’t weighed myself in a while, and I am down 20 lbs., WOOHOO!! I love this new wellness journey I am on.”

S.H., Program Participant

Every Small Change Equals Results!

“The 80/20 Rule was a new concept for me and has been a key to my success to eating healthy. You don’t have to make big changes to see results. I can’t think of anything that I didn’t enjoy about the program.”

P.B., Program Participant

Healthy Eating is a Life-long Journey!

“Staying on track has been a challenge because when I fall off the wagon, I tend to give up. Now I am trying to stick with program mantras that healthy eating is a life-long journey and making small steps will eventually make big changes. The program was great and Jill and Gail were well-versed, knowledgeable, and most importantly, understanding and didn’t “preach” to us about healthy eating. They made us feel like they were on this journey with us. They made it fun!”

M.O., Program Participant

I really enjoyed the interactive meetings…

“…and online group comradery. I also loved that you could go into the online group 24/7 and that everyone could share information and ask questions. “Focus on Healthy Eating” helped reinforce what I knew about healthy eating and helped me better understand hunger versus boredom and mindless eating. I now incorporate superfoods and daily meditation into my new healthy lifestyle and feel amazing!”

K.B., Program Participant


through our

FOHE Program for Employees

The FOHE Certified Facilitator Program is offered once a year via our certification tracks 2 and 3. 

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